Gameplay: The Story of the Video Game Revolution Film Review


The Story of the Video Game Revolution, is a film that spoke to me personally as I have been a gamer my entire life. The film I think will speak to all gamer’s out there in the world. It shows the first video game ever created. This film not only tells the history of gaming, but also shows how it evolved from just some lines moving on a screen to what it is now, and so much more. The film shows us where gamer’s came from, where we started, and how far we have come in the gaming industry.

Videogame Revolution Offers:

This film offers, not only a huge history of video games, but a lot of experts and people who help start the video game revolution. This film starts with the first video game that was invented and moves through how the revolution took over the world. It talks about how video games went from just the arcade to how they took over our homes with the first console ever invented, to the first home made PC. It moves to the first PC games made to when video games had to get a rating just like movies to see if it is child friendly.

The Crash:

With this film you learn about how one guy caused the video game industry to crash and almost be gone forever in America. We also learn about how one company brought it back to life in America, with some trickery, and an amazing game, and console. Without this happening the whole industry could be completely different. We could not have games we have today or even an industry without this have happening.


Watching this film is like watching where my roots as a gamer came from. It talks about everything, from how 3d graphics changed the industry to how free to play changed it also. This is a must watch for all gamer’s out there in my opinion. This brought back so many nostalgia moments for me and will bring them for you also. I’d give this movie a 5 out of 5 stars, it provides so much information that will blow your mind about the industry.┬áThe Story of the Video Game Revolution is a movie for all of us and is a must watch if you are a gamer!


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