Beautiful Minecraft Book Review

Beautiful Minecraft Book Review

Beautiful Minecraft offers the finest and most stunning visuals. Building is at the next level, with thousands of hours spent designing impressiveĀ sculptures for the art in this book. The Author, James Delaney, embraces his passion for the game. From huge ships to visually stunning buildings and statues, Beautiful Minecraft proves the people who say “I can’t build that” very wrong. Our Beautiful Minecraft Book Review will show that anything is possible when it comes to placing millions of blocks.

You can find the Game Art book on the publisher’s website, No Starch Press

Beautiful Minecraft Book Review

Almost every visual art piece in Beautiful Minecraft has taken approximately 50 days to compose with an average of over 10 million blocks per image. This book allows the reader to innovate ideas on which their next design may be. With theme parks, buildings, cities, castles, creatures, human statues and dozens of other ideas, you certainly won’t be limited to a small selection. This book truly shows the miraculous potential available when it comes to something as simple as blocks. The Minecraft Community’s most fascinating in-game designs from extremely architectural players will motivate others to overcome and create the tough sculptures and buildings.

Beautiful Minecraft Book Review

With almost too many ideas to choose from, below we have all the contents you’ll see in this incredible book.


  • Introduction
  • Fantasy Worlds
  • The builds of tomorrow
  • More than a game
  • Sculptures
  • Building a place in the world
  • Mechanical Marvels
  • Re-creations
  • Playful Design
  • Landscapes

Beautiful Minecraft Book Review

Although this book doesn’t feature many words, we can certainly tell you that the images speak for themselves. The visuals featured are just simply beautiful, hence the reason for the title. Next time you’re planning on building something very special on the Minecraft Game, just make sure you have a little swipe through for great suggestions. If there ever was a video game which was true art, judging by the designs in this book, Minecraft is certainly it.


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