Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion Book Review

Atari Flashback Book Review

Atari Flashback is a book that is filled with lots of fun information not only about the Atari, but about games that came with it. It starts with history about the Atari, the first at home console was called “The Magnavox Odyssey.” You had to have some creativity when it came to playing it as it came with tv overlays to play the games. As the system could only produce white squares and lines, which is why the tv overlays were needed. This book is filled with all kinds of information that any gamer now a days would love to read where it all started. I could only imagine having to put something over my tv to play a game, it really shows how far we have came in the gaming world.

Atari Flashback Book Features:

This book not only gives a history of where it all started it also shows off some of the amazing game art in its pages. Game art isn’t the only interesting thing in the pages, it also gives a description of more than 65 games, the object of each game, how to play it, difficulty options, tells you what the critics had to say, in-game options, tips and tricks of the game, scoring, and some fun facts about the game. It also features some games like:

  • Missile Command
  • Asteroids
  • Adventure
  • Space War
  • Star Ship

This is a book that is not only packed full of fun information that will make you extremely happy gaming, but will also make you want to try out some of the games to try and beat them.

The History:

Many systems have been released since the Atari, but the very first one was released in 1977 and only came with a few games. The Price when it was released was $199, which sounds about right when it comes to consoles, but if it was released in our time that price would’ve been close to $800, which is a very big investment.  The most popular game was Pong and it was actually fought over and Atari was sued over the game by Magnavox and Atari lost the lawsuit.


Atari Flashback: The Essential Companion, is definitely a book I would recommend to all gamers, as it shows us where we started. It shows us our history, backstory, and much more. It’s filled with memories for some and possible new experiences for others. This book is filled with the wonderful knowledge of 65+ games showing the grind it took to beat them and also the fun it created in a time where you had to use your imagination to just game. They didn’t have the technology we have today and still did amazing things. To read all of those amazing things makes me happy to be a gamer and makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have the games we have today.


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