MW3 players are complaining about revenge spawns ruining their games of Multiplayer, but will any action be taken to fix them?

Every single time a new Call of Duty title launches, players have a lot to say about the spawns. It seems that for whatever reason, Activision hasn’t been able to nail the respawn system in COD titles for some time now, and Modern Warfare 3 is no exception.

On launch day, Quarry even had to be removed due to how bad its spawns were. But even now, fans of the game still hate how respawning works.

What Are Revenge Spawns?

Revenge spawns are what MW3 players call having an enemy you just killed respawning right next to you.

It’s an issue that many Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer fans have run into and is the cause of many killing sprees ending prematurely.

Unlike older Call of Duty titles that had teams spawning at opposite ends of a map, and only ‘flipping’ when a side was completely overwhelmed by enemies, MW3’s spawns seem a great deal less consistent.

And on smaller maps like Shipment, Meat, and Rust, the problem is far more obvious – with players often spawning directly behind enemies!

“I literally was playing meat, kill a guy, watched the same enemy spawn next to me I killed him again,” Reddit user axman414 reports. “Then they spawned him behind me in a corner the next time and he killed me.”

Many other users echo similar complaints, with revenge spawns being a frequent topic of discussion on the game’s forums as of late.

Are Revenge Spawns a Real Mechanic?

It seems that many players believe revenge spawns to be an actual MW3 mechanic, where players are able to spawn on and target the enemy that just killed them.

In reality, it’s more likely that the spawn system is just broken in Modern Warfare 3, with players spawning too close to the action.

However, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence of players spawning right next to their killer. And while it’s more common on smaller maps like Meat, we’ve seen it happen all throughout MW3 Season 1 and the pre-season.

It is possible that Activision’s tweaking of the spawn system is meant to get players back into the action faster than it used to.

After all, with small maps like Shipment being so popular, it’s clear that many COD players want nothing more than to jump right back into engagements immediately after dying.

But it’s clear that the spawns in MW3 2023 still need some work. And whether or not revenge spawns are intended, MW3 players are certainly not happy with the respawn system as it stands.

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