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Resident Evil Village Showcase Event Coming Next Week

You have once again entered the world of survival horror. This time they mean it - as a Resident Evil Village Showcase is coming.

Since its official reveal last year, we’ve only seen small glimpses of Resident Evil Village. Which is also known as Resident Evil 8 to some.

Capcom has done well to remain tight-lipped about the game, despite a massive cyber-attack that leaked various details.

We’ve seen some pretty creative and creepy trailers so far, but no extended gameplay footage to speak of. We know the game will resemble Resident Evil 7 in many ways, but that’s about it.

From a storyline point of view, we know the game sees the return of RE7 protagonist Ethan Winters. He's now living in isolation with his family. Presumably recovering from his ordeal in that game.

The trailer shows him entering the Village after another family tragedy forces him to leave his seclusion. Original Resident Evil hero Chris Redfield is also involved somehow - as are the series' long time villains Umbrella.

We expect the game will feature some form of viral outbreak that mutates the local population into zombies or infected mutant cannibals. This is what previous games have mostly done.

However, the monsters seem particularly unique this time, resembling beast men and other abominations. The game may offer yet another clue to the origin of the T-virus like earlier games.

Capcom has also invited members of their Ambassador program to test a currently unknown Resident Evil game. Which one could it be?

When Is the Resident Evil Village Showcase?

Capcom has now confirmed that a full Resident Evil Showcase event will take place on the 21st January 2021 at 10 pm GMT/11 pm CET. The event will be hosted by Brittney Brombacher, who will be giving us a ‘guided tour of the Village’. Gulp.

The Resident Evil Village Showcase will also drop a brand-new trailer, some extensive gameplay footage, and a whole host of other surprises.

The last Resident Evil Village event was rather lackluster, so let’s hope we learn some cool details this time. Without anything being spoiled of course.

Resident Evil Village is due for release at some point in 2021. We thought it would be Q3/Q4, but a recent leak suggested the game could release as soon as April this year.

Massive Capcom Leak Exposes Resident Evil 8 Release Window

The leaks also state that Resident Evil Village will receive a first-hour demo. Just like RE7 and the remakes of 2+3 did before it.

We also expect the game to feature some form of online mode too. Although the game is primarily a single-player, survival horror experience.

Capcom has also invited members of their Resident Evil Ambassador program to test a currently unannounced Resident Evil game. This is in preparation for the series 25th anniversary that takes place this year.

While we’re unsure what this unannounced Resident Evil game is, leaks and fan theories believe it could be a Nintendo Switch game called Resident Evil Outrage. It could also be Resident Evil Revelations 3, or both titles could be the same game.

We expect we’ll learn more about this at the Resident Evil Showcase event on the 21st of January. Here’s what other games are coming to the PS5 in 2021

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