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Resident Evil Multiplayer Game RE: Verse Announced at Showcase Event

Resident Evil Village wasn’t the only attraction at Capcom’s Showcase event, introducing RE: Verse, a new online multiplayer shooter.

We previously reported that Capcom was inviting their Ambassadors to play a closed beta for a new RE game. This was then confirmed to be a new RE online multiplayer game.

This was then revealed at the Resident Evil Village Showcase event yesterday with a sweet new trailer.

Obviously, the game's title is a play on Resident Evil Universe, due to the game being a reference to the whole franchise.

Here’s everything we know about RE: Verse.

RE: Verse Gameplay Details

RE: Verse will be a battle royal style game featuring classic characters and locations from RE’s past to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary this year.

The game will use the RE Engine and, at first glance looks a lot like the RE2, 3 remakes in terms of style. But the game will use a new cell-shaded art style instead of the photoreal graphics of the Resi remakes.

While the game looked like a battle royal, we imagine it will have multiple game modes. However, it’s unlikely to feature any single-player gameplay.

Although as well as its third-person shooter gameplay, players will also be able to control various enemies from the RE universe. This includes bosses too.

So far, we’ve seen Nemesis, Mr. X, and Jack Baker. Quite how this mechanic will work we don’t know yet, but we admit it looks fun.

Playable characters in the trailer include Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, and Hunk. We also think we spotted Helena Harper from RE6.

As for locations we've only seen areas from the RE2 and 3 games such as the Raccoon Police Department. There will be monsters from both of these games as well as creatures from RE7 too, such as the Moulded zombies.

The trailer is only a minute long and shows off some gameplay. But we imagine there will be more surprises coming our way regarding RE:Verse in the future.

Resident Evil’s Online Game History

Resident Evil’s track record with online gaming is spotty at best. While the RE Outbreak games are considered classics, other online games in the franchise didn’t fare so well.

RE5, 6, and Revelations 2 featured some fun coop, but Operation Racoon City and Umbrella Corps were travesties.

Last year’s RE Resistance, an online game that was bundled with the RE3 remake, was an improvement. But it didn’t set the world on fire.

Let’s hope RE: Verse is the online RE game fans deserve.

RE: Verse will release alongside Resident Evil Village internationally on the 7th of May 2021. And is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and PS4, Xbox One.

It will be bundled with Resident Evil Village, but it will also sell separately according to Capcom. Speaking of RE Village, here’s everything we know about it.

The Resident Evil Village ‘Maiden’ Demo also releases today – here’s what you need to know.

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