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Resident Evil 4 Remake Development Plans Change

The rumors surrounding the Resident Evil 4 remake continue to grow as more evidence emerges regarding its development.

It looks like the reveal of Resident Evil Village isn’t the only big Resi news this week.

While not officially confirmed by Capcom, the existence of a Resident Evil 4 remake is starting to become undeniable.

However, new information suggests that Capcom may have some internal disagreements about how the remake should appear.

In truth, we understand why this may be the case. Resident Evil 4 is a beloved title and, to many, perfect just the way it is.

RE4 gameplay

Many fans believe Resident Evil 4 doesn’t even need a remake, so Capcom needs to tread carefully. Not only do they need to make something fresh and unique from the original, they also need to respect and honor it too.

Despite some issues with the length and cut content of RE3, Capcom largely achieved this with their previous remakes. But Resident Evil 4 is a different animal; the balance between horror and action needs to be exactly right.

The remake would need to retain the action-packed spirit of Resident Evil 4 but also incorporate the renewed survival horror style. The very thing that allowed the series to return to form.

So Capcom is walking a difficult tightrope and needs the remake to appeal to both sets of fans.

Leon RE4

What Changes Are Coming to The Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Thanks to a new report from, the Resident Evil 4 remake will be handled by the team behind the Devil May Cry games. This is the team who accidentally designed DMC protagonist Dante while trying to refresh Leon's look.

This means that developers who worked on the original RE4, and recent entries will get to work on the remake. Before, the remake was allegedly in M-Two's hands, the team who helped develop the RE3 remake.

Although the new reports suggest M-Two’s role in the RE4 remake has been “significantly reduced.” So Capcom is giving the game the same amount of focus they give to mainline RE entries, like RE7 and the upcoming RE Village.

The reports also reveal that M-Two’s approach to the Resident Evil 4 remake was a little too close to the original. Instead, Capcom wants the game to include fresh ideas and expand certain aspects that the original underutilized.

RE4 Cast

What Else Do We Know About The RE 4 Remake?

Capcom was aiming for a 2022 release, but now it could be 2023 until we see a RE4 remake. We’re looking forward to some official confirmation from Capcom to verify these rumors.

Of course, take all this with a pinch of salt. But in all honestly, we believe these reports. For starters, they are plausible; secondly, the existence of a RE4 remake has leaked twice.

The first leak was confirmed by reliable insider DuskGolem. The second was during the recent attack on Capcom by hackers. Naturally, we don’t condone hacks like this, but we also can’t deny the evidence that supports the game’s existence.

Finally, after the success of the RE1, RE2, and RE3 remakes, it makes sense for Capcom to want to remake more games. However, many fans were surprised that they didn’t opt for Code Veronica first.

Don’t forget the RE Village demo ‘Maiden’ is now available for download on PS5. Only with Village, Capcom also revealed RE: Verse, a new multiplayer game.   

We’ve also listed every Resident Evil project currently in development or rumored to be in 2021.

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