If you’re shiny hunting or just searching for a rare Pokemon spawn, here’s how to reset nearby wild Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet.

In previous Pokemon titles, players could simply enter the long grass and take their chances with finding wild Pokemon. But, as was the case in Legends: Arceus, things are a little different in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

After all, Pokemon now spawn in the overworld, meaning you always know what creature you’re about to encounter. So how do you stop wasting time and find the Pokemon you’re actually looking for?

the player flying on Koradion in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here’s a quick trick to reset all nearby wild Pokemon spawns in Scarlet & Violet to help you in your hunt.

How to Reset Nearby Wild Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

To reset wild Pokemon spawns and change what creatures are in your immediate vicinity, simply move out of the area you’re searching in. Once you’ve moved a few feet away, all Pokemon in the area will stop being rendered and disappear.

Moving back into the area will then spawn new wild Pokemon, resetting the creatures that were just present.

Since Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s performance is pretty poor, you won’t even have to move more than a few feet to de-spawn all nearby non-essential entities like Pokemon spawns.

How to Reset Spawns Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
Leaving the Ruins Resets All Pokemon in the Area

And even moving a short distance away from an area will be enough to clear it out, allowing you to reset all the wild Pokemon in the zone.

How to Reset Spawns in Scarlet & Violet
Returning to the Ruins Spawns New Wild Pokemon

Of course, we do have some tips to boost performance and FPS in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here. But don’t worry, this won’t make resetting wild Pokemon any more challenging.

You can also reset an area’s wild Pokemon by opening your map, choosing a location, and selecting Fly here. However, this can only be used for major routes and Pokemon Centers, so it’s far less useful and more time-consuming.

Does Resetting Wild Pokemon Help With Shiny Hunting?

Yes, resetting wild Pokemon will help with shiny hunting as it’ll give players a quick method to change out all nearby creatures. Users will be able to see Shiny Pokemon in the wild, so you’ll quickly be able to reset an area until the rare variant appears.

Speaking of rare Pokemon, don’t miss out on claiming this rare Flying Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet before it’s too late!

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