By engaging with Diablo 4’s various side content, players can earn Renown, which can then be traded in to unlock a series of rewards.

However, some players may be a little confused by how the Renown system works and what rewards they’re entitled to once they’ve gathered enough.

Below we’ve outlined absolutely everything there is to know about the Renown system in Diablo 4 and the rewards you can get.

How to Earn Renown in Diablo 4

Players can earn Renown for completing various activities throughout Diablo 4 and exchange it to unlock new tiers with rewards such as gold, Skill Points, Paragon Points, and increased Obol Capacity.

Here is every activity you can earn Renown for:

  • Areas Discovered – 5 Renown
  • Altars of Lilith – 10 Renown
  • Waypoints – 20 Renown
  • Side Quests – 20 Renown
  • Side Dungeons – 30 Renown
  • Strongholds – 100 Renown
The Fractured Peaks Renown Reward Screen in Diablo 4

Here is everything you need to know about earning Renown in Diablo 4:

  • You will earn a separate amount of Renown per region by completing activities within that region. For example, completing a dungeon in Fractured Peaks earns you Renown exclusively for Fractured Peaks.
  • After earning a certain amount of Renown, you’ll unlock a Renown Tier for that region. This will use up your currently accumulated Renown points, forcing you to start collecting Renown points from scratch to unlock the next tier.
    • For example, the first tier costs 200 Renown, and the second tier costs 500. In order to get both, you’ll need to gather 700 Renown, 200 for the first tier, and then a separate 500 for the second.
  • Some Renown will carry over between Tiers. For example, if you have 180 Renown and complete a dungeon for 30 Renown, you’ll carry over the difference of 10.
  • Most of your Renown will reset each Season. The only exception is any Renown gathered from Altars of Lilth and Discovered Areas.
  • You can check how much Renown you have in a specific region by opening up your map and looking at the top left (see image below).
The amount of Renown per region in Diablo 4

All Renown Rewards in Diablo 4

The Renown rewards in Diablo 4 consist of the following:

  • Bonus EXP
  • Gold
  • Skill Points
  • Increased Potion Capacity
  • Increased Obol Capacity
  • Paragon Points

You are guaranteed Gold and EXP per Renown Tier in addition to one of the other rewards listed above. See below for the rewards you get per Renown Tier:

Renown CostGold/EXP RewardAccount Reward
Tier 1200Bonus EXP/3,000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 2500Bonus EXP/10,000 Gold+1 Potion Capacity
Tier 3800Bonus EXP/25,000 Gold+1 Skill Point
Tier 41110Bonus EXP/60,000 Gold+80 Max Obol Capacity
Tier 51500Bonus EXP/150,000 Gold+4 Paragon Points
The Scosglen Renown Rewards Screen in Diablo 4

Additionally, the Renown rewards are the same in all 5 regions, as well as the cost to unlock them. So, you’ll get the same rewards for earning 200 Renown in Fractured Peaks as you would Scosglen.

Once you’ve acquired the necessary Renown, you’ll need to manually unlock the rewards and next Tier by heading into the Region Progress screen. They are not unlocked automatically.

You can see the Renown Rewards screen by opening the map and pressing one of the following buttons depending on your platform:

  • Triangle – PlayStation
  • Y – Xbox
  • W – PC
The button for the Renown Rewards Screen in Diablo 4
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