Warzone players have reached a monumental milestone of 200 million collective medals, and as a result, a new addition has emerged in Vondel: the Reinforcement Flare.

Currently, this item can solely be found within the newest map of the Battle Royale game. However, its purpose may remain unfamiliar to a significant number of players.

Here is everything you need to know about the Reinforcement Flare, including what it does and how you can get your hands on one!

What Does the Reinforcement Flare Do in Warzone?

The Reinforcement Flare is a Field Upgrade that will redeploy a random fallen squad member. Unlike redeploying players by spending money at the Buy Station, you will have no control over who returns.

To use the Reinforcement Flare, you must first acquire one and then:

  • Press both controller bumpers at the same time – L1+R1/LB+RB
  • Press X if playing on mouse and keyboard.
warzone reinforcement flare

While this Field Upgrade chooses a player at random, if all but one team members are alive or if you are playing Duos, you will know which squad mate will return.

This item can be handy when getting to a shop is dangerous, as you can use this flare anywhere to bring back a teammate.

Additionally, holding onto one in the final circles could make the difference between coming first or losing.

However, as this is a flare, this item will show nearby players where you are. You will have to deploy this Field Upgrade wisely.

Where to Find Reinforcement Flares in Warzone

Reinforcement Flares are obtainable from the following:

  • Supply Crates
  • Ground Loot

To acquire this new Field Upgrade, luck plays a crucial role, as you can only find it by looting around the map.

If you manage to find one, make sure to hold onto it as it will be very useful in the latter stages of the game when Resurgence has been disabled.

Player gliding in on Massive Resurgence
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