Raven Software has confirmed via its official Twitter account that Redeploy Drones have been added to Warzone 2’s Ashika island.

This item is a reskin and rename of Redeploy Balloons from Warzone: Caldera and currently only feature in the Resurgence map.

April 10 Update - Call of Duty confirmed via a blog post that Redeploy Drones are also going to be present in Al Mazrah.

These drones were initially expected to come in the Season 2 Reloaded update.

It is worth noting that in the original Warzone game, Redeploy Balloons were available in Resurgence and regular Battle Royale. So Raven Software may add them to Al Mazrah later.

It would make sense to add them to the larger-scale map as recent Warzone map comparisons have shown Al Mazrah to be larger than Caldera.

What Are Redeploy Drones?

Redeploy Drones are in-game devices that let players ascend back into the sky and parachute elsewhere on the map. The Redeploy Drones will spawn at random locations in each game.

These drones can also relocate around the map near the circle collapse. However, not every drone will move.

After several circles collapse, every drone will be out of commission, and players will no longer be able to use them.

They are now usable on Ashika Island and are a great way to travel without a vehicle.

Redeploy Drone Warzone 2

How to Use Redeploy Drones in Warzone 2

To use Redeploy Drones, you must walk under the drone’s location and use the interact button (□ on PlayStation / X on Xbox / E on PC) to start moving up the cable.

When ascending, players can rotate around the cable and are also allowed to jump off at any point.

However, players must be careful as these drones can be shot down or locked onto by launchers.

Redeploy Drone Warzone 2

Also added to the game are five brand-new weapons! There is one weapon that fits in with the Ashika Island theme quite well!

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