Where to find Arabian Horse RDR2

Where to find Arabian Horse RDR2

Having a horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is key to being able to complete missions and side quests. However, having the best horse definitely helps. This guide will show you where to find the Arabian Horse in RDR2.

How to get Best Horse in RDR2

In order to get the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 you will have to at least be on Chapter 2 or further. The horse location itself is easy to find but it’s taming it that many will struggle with.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 Arabian Horse has a health and stamina rating of 5 and a speed and acceleration rating of 6. This makes it one of the best horses to have in the game.

You will find the horse in the north-western corner of the map around the area near Red Dead Redemption 2’s Lake Isabella.

Where to find Arabian Horse RDR2

With the horse being found in the mountains you will need to make some preparations before you even begin your search for the horse. Players should make sure they pack warm clothes and plenty of food and other replenishing items. You might also want to make sure you have a horse to make the journey with.

The Arabian Horse has a white coat and is notorious for being difficult to spot even after looking at it. This snowy location can present a challenge and make it very easy to miss.

Best Horse in RDR2 Camoflauged
Best Horse in RDR2 Location Spotted

If you have yet to tame a horse, it might be a good idea to head into other places of the map to try and tame a wild horse first. The Arabian horse is said to be quite difficult to tame so practising on easier horses would definitely be a good idea.

What To Do When You’ve Found The Arabian Horse in RDR2

Once you’ve practiced on other horses and you’ve mastered the taming technique, it’s time to head into the mountains. It will take you a while to find the horse as it’s a white horse in snow. However, it is a fixed part of the game which means the horse will always be in that rough location.

Use Dead Eye to track down the horse. Once you’ve found the horse you want to move towards it very slowly. In the bottom right of the screen there is a little meter which shows how calm the horse is. If this starts to deplete, stop moving until it goes back up. Alternatively you could press X or square to calm the horse down.

Once you’ve got near the horse you’ll have to mount it to try tame it. This can be the most difficult part and could see you being thrown off a couple of times and having to re-track the horse before being successful.

The trick is to balance yourself on the horse with your left and right analog sticks depending on the direction the horse is throwing you. For example, if it is throwing you right you need to move left etc.

Successfully Taming the Arabian Horse

Once you’ve successfully tamed the best horse in RDR2 you can improve your bond with it. By doing so you can increase the whistle range, boost its stats and unlock new moves. You’ll find that doing side quests and main missions will be a lot easier with this fast horse.

Arabian Horse Best Horse in RDR2
The Arabian Horse

Later on in the game you can attain a Black Arabian and a Rose Arabian horse. These can be found when progressing through the story and you will be able to buy them – for a high fee! These horses are essentially the same as the White Arabian just with a little bit more health and stamina.


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