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Rebirth Resurgence is The Best Game Mode in Warzone, Say Players

Warzone players have spoken, and their favorite game mode is Rebirth Resurgence.

As a battle royale game, Warzone doesn’t have many game modes. However, the few game modes it does have change how the game works drastically.

Most players play standard Battle Royale in Verdansk, while Plunder is mostly just for leveling up guns. But there is one hugely underrated game mode that many players now think is the best in Warzone.

Find out why Warzone players love Rebirth Resurgence so much.

But first, make sure you’re using the best Rebirth Island Warzone loadout in Season 4.

Rebirth Island

Warzone Players Love Rebirth Resurgence

Ever since the amazing Rebirth Island map update in Season 3, Warzone players have loved dropping into the map. But now players have come to appreciate the Rebirth Resurgence game mode too.

Warzone players love the fast-paced and lower-risk games of Rebirth Resurgence as they respawn in less than 30 seconds as long as their team hasn’t been wiped. However, it is nowhere near as chaotic as the terrible Resurgence Extreme mode.

Even NIKCMERCS has quit standard Warzone Battle Royale to just play on Rebirth Island now.

It’s short and sweet abd you can just jump in and jump out, there’s no stress of sitting down and committing 30 minutes to the map.”

Warzone Rebirth Island Parachute

Additionally, as Warzone Solos have been overrun by hackers, Rebirth Resurgence is the perfect place for solo players to queue and have a fun game.

What do you think of Rebirth Resurgence? And if you haven’t tried it out yet, what are you waiting for?

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Meanwhile, Warzone hacks are now available to download on console. Even PlayStation and Xbox players arent safe from cheaters anymore.

Players also hate the no recoil meta in Warzone right now. Although, a good way to avoid this is by playing Rebirth Resurgence because it’s in a smaller Warzone map.

Finally, a new map is coming soon. A huge leak has revealed loads of new details about the upcoming WW2 Warzone map.

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