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Rebirth Island To Be Removed From Warzone in Pacific Map Update

You read that right – Rebirth Island will be removed from Warzone in the Pacific map update, but it won’t be gone forever!

Warzone players usually fall into one of two groups. Some players love the classic Verdansk map while others prefer the fast-paced gameplay of Rebirth Island.

However, with the new Warzone Pacific map, Caldera, releasing very soon, everything is about to change. Of course, we will be saying goodbye to Verdansk in the update, but it’s not just that map going.

Rebirth Island fans won’t be happy to hear this news!

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Warzone Rebirth Island Parachute

Warzone Pacific Update Will Remove Rebirth Island Map

Fans were worried that Rebirth Island would be removed in the Warzone Vanguard integration. This worry was for good reason!

Activision has now confirmed that Rebirth Island won’t be in Warzone following the Pacific map update.

As soon as the Warzone Pacific Caldera Early Access period starts, Rebirth Island will be gone. This has come as a major disappointment for many fans.

However, it will be making a return at a later date. Find out what Activision has said about this below.

UPDATE: Activision has revealed the Warzone Rebirth Island return date.

Warzone Rebirth Island

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When Will Rebirth Island Return?

Plenty of Warzone players prefer Rebirth Island, so it would be a big mistake to get rid of it permanently.

Luckily, the Call of Duty blog post also states that Rebirth Island will be returning later in Season 1. We don’t know exactly what time, but Warzone fans will surely be alright without Rebirth for a few weeks.

Not only is Caldera launching, but Warzone Pacific Season 1 will have new operators and weapons too! This will be more than enough to keep the players occupied.

However, we still hope to see Rebirth return promptly after Caldera’s launch. For the time being, make sure you’re playing both Verdansk and Rebirth Island while you still can.

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Warzone Rebirth Island

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, check out the stunning new trailer for Caldera – the new Warzone Pacific map. This will be the biggest update the game has ever seen!

Also, it looks like players might be able to swim in the Caldera map. This will be another huge change for Warzone.

Finally, find out the best Vanguard guns to level up for Warzone Pacific. You’ll want to be using the meta weapons on day 1!

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[email protected]

Tuesday 7th of December 2021

Pacific looks to be way more engaging then Verdansk.

Rebirth island is fun, but im cool if it stays or goes.. its removal has zero effect on weather im playing pacific or not.


Tuesday 7th of December 2021

I wont be playing no sweaty battle Royal and enjoying the gulag, apex/battlefield until rebirth is added, for me war zone will be no more :( sooner they add rebirth the better.


Monday 6th of December 2021