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New Rebirth Island Screenshots Leak for Warzone Mobile

A series of leaked screenshots seem to indicate that popular Resurgence map Rebirth Island will return in Warzone Mobile.

Although for many fans the glory days of Warzone are over, Warzone 2 doesn’t necessarily spell the end for the classic Battle Royale experience.

If you’re finding that the new update doesn’t breathe new life into Activision’s popular shooter for you, there’s a way to return to classic Warzone as we know it.

Warzone Mobile

In case you hadn’t heard, Warzone Mobile finally lets us go back to Verdansk, the iconic map that started it all. And it seems that Rebirth Island isn’t far behind.

Is Rebirth Island Coming to Warzone Mobile?

Yes, it seems like Rebirth Island could be coming to Warzone Mobile, according to a series of leaked screenshots surfacing online.

The images appear to show a Warzone Mobile player mid-match on the Resurgence map, with similar graphics to the new Battle Royale mobile port.

In the past, we’ve also seen images of Rebirth Island surface as loading screens during the Warzone Closed Alpha.

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And though they don’t appear in Warzone Mobile at present, we can be relatively certain that their existence means that Rebirth is indeed in the late stages of development.

One screenshot even clearly shows the unique Rebirth Island Gulag, located below the prison block.

Although only Verdansk is currently playable, did you know you can actually play Warzone Mobile right now, from anywhere in the world?

When is Rebirth Island Coming to Warzone Mobile?

Right now, we don’t have a release date, or even an official announcement for Rebirth Island coming to Warzone Mobile.

However, since the release of the mobile title won’t officially be until mid-2023 in all regions, we wouldn’t expect Rebirth to show its head before then.

Thanks to Sarge_OP on Twitter for the new Rebirth Island screenshots, which we imagine won’t stay up for too long before Activision takes them down.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on claiming a free Ghost skin and more exclusive rewards by pre-registering for Warzone Mobile now!

And in case you missed it, Warzone Mobile now has an official multiplayer mode of its own – rivaling the likes of COD Mobile!

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