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Rebirth Island Returns to Warzone Alongside Caldera and Fortune’s Keep

Rebirth Island returns to Warzone Season 4 with this week’s Warzone Weekly Playlist update! Here’s everything you need to know.

Raven Software revealed that Rebirth Island would be back at some point in Warzone Season 4 due to the new weekly playlist map rotation.

This was a relief to many players that actually prefer Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep to the island of Caldera.

Well, it looks like players didn’t need to wait too long.

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Rebirth Island Back in Warzone Season 4 Weekly Playlist

Rebirth Island is back alongside Caldera and Rebirth Island in this week’s Warzone Weekly Playlist.

Players will now have the option to choose between Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep when playing Warzone Resurgence.

But there is one detail that players may not be too happy with. The only way to play Rebirth Island Resurgence is in Quads.

If you’re a solo player, you’ll need to either fill your team with random players or jump into the fray alone. This means multiple situations where you’ll be outnumbered.

Luckily, we have a loadout perfect for Warzone Solo players looking to become their own version of Rambo.

Here is the complete list of available game modes in this week’s Warzone Weekly Playlist:

  • Fortune’s Keep Resurgence
  • Golden Plunder
  • Battle Royale – Caldera
  • Rebirth Resurgence Quads

Raven Software also recently teased a new zombie limited-time event that would launch soon. So Rebirth Island’s return could mean we’ll learn more about Rebirth of the Dead soon.

But for now, Fortune’s Keep has its own zombie easter egg for players to solve.

The inclusion of a new map rotation mechanic has given players new hope that Verdansk may eventually make its way back to Warzone. A developer already stated that Verdansk would see a return in 2023.

For now, players will need to make do with the small additions of Verdansk into Caldera. Most recently, Storage Town was added to the island.

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