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Rebirth Island Loadout Drops Landing in the Sea in Warzone

Unlucky players are having their loadout drops land in the middle of Rebirth Island’s sea.

Loadout drops are crucial to winning a game of Warzone. The Rebirth Island map is smaller than Verdansk so players need to grab their loadout as soon as possible.

However, many players have been suffering from a very strange issue on Rebirth Island that makes their loadout drops unreachable.

Cold War Rebirth Island Warzone

Unreachable Loadout Drop

On the Warzone subreddit, many players have shared screenshots of their loadout drops landing in the middle of the sea. Hopefully, they would have selected one of the best weapons for Rebirth Island, if they had reached their loadout drop.

During games of Warzone, players get two free loadout drops. These will land in a random location, so it is up to players to grab them.

However, these free loadout drops have been landing in the sea of Rebirth Island for many players. It is not known what makes this glitch happen, but it seems to be caused by the new Warzone update which brought back a fan-favorite mode.

This update also made major stealth changes to some of Warzone’s most popular guns. However, there was no mention of loadout drops in the patch notes, so this new glitch is even more strange.

Martin_marty Reddit

Can You Fix the Rebirth Island Loadout Drop Glitch?

At the moment, the glitch is totally unfixable. Players just have to hope their loadout drops on land.

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There also seems to be no way to reach the loadout drop to grab your custom class. If you do suffer from this issue then you’ll just have to earn some money and buy yourself a loadout drop.

Let’s hope that Raven fixes this issue soon as this rebirth Island loadout glitch would be the final straw for some Warzone players who are already fed up with the game.

The invisibility glitch has returned to Warzone with a vengeance, while many players are also experiencing huge issues with the game’s hit detection.

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