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Raven Software Addresses the Warzone Invisible Wraith and Weaver Skins

It appears Raven Software was quick to address the new invisible skins glitch and players might not see this issue in Warzone for long.

Warzone meta is always changing and players have to keep up with it to make sure they come out on top. Although, with the addition of Caldera, the game seems to be breaking in every which way.

Players now have more weapons at their disposal than ever before. And many Warzone players are complaining that the Double Barrel Shotguns are still overpowered despite the nerf.

However, one of the biggest problems in the battle royale is players running into enemies with invisible skins. Luckily, Raven Software has officially addressed the issue!

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Invisible skins glitch in warzone

Invisible Wraith and Weaver Dark Aether Skins Need a Fix

Warzone players were already running into invisible Wraith Operator skins for a while. But it appears that more skins had a similar glitch and Raven Software had to finally step in.

Raven Software took to their Twitter handle to address the growing issue. The team further added the glitch, labeled under “Investigating”, onto their public Trello board with a short brief.

“Invisible Skins: Players are reporting that certain skins are appearing as invisible when encountered in-game.”

Most fans would love to see a patch roll out as early as possible as these skins are usually invisible from a distance of 30 meters or more. Fans were also pleasantly surprised with Raven Software acting quickly to address the problem at hand.

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invisible skins in warzone matches

This issue is similar to the Warzone Tier 100 Operator’s invisible skin. While the developers have already fixed this bug, new skins are ruining the players’ experience.

In other news, Warzone players want plane nerf in the next update. The fighter planes lock on to the enemies from the skies and players are winning battle royale matches by flying a plane for the entire match.

On top of this, Activision is making moves to shut down Warzone’s biggest cheat provider EngineOwning. Cheerio cheaters, see you never!

Also, Call of Duty teased the Attack on Titan and Warzone crossover recently. Players might finally have the chance to put on their Captain Levi gear as they drop in Caldera.

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