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How To Get the Rare “Members Only” Fortnite Emote

A rare new Fortnite emote has been revealed, and it's available to "members only" for a very limited time.

Fortnite has been going nuts for its cosmetics recently, with their Predator challenges beginning in a contest for the new skin, and a rumoured Kevin skin being found in the game's code. But it's not all they've got up their sleeves.

Fortnite Season Five Members only emote crew
Fortnite Season Five

The new emote is called "Members Only", and it's likely to become very sought after, especially as it's only going to be available for a very short period of time.

The emote shows two Fortnite characters engaging in a secret handshake before a gold heart appears and spins over their heads. It's a fun way to engage with other members in-game and flex to other players that you're a part of a secret club they aren't.

How To Get The Members Only Emote in Fortnite

In order to get your hand on this limited-time emote, you need to be a part of Fortnite Crew. Once your subscription to the service is confirmed, you'll automatically receive this emote, so you can flex your membership status in-game as soon as possible.

You're going to want to be quick on the draw, though; the Members Only emote is only available to be claimed until February 15th. After that it'll be lost to the shop's vault, so hurry!

green arrow fortnite crew skin
Fortnite Crew's January skin: Green Arrow

What is Fortnite Crew?

Fortnite Crew is a subscription service offered by Epic Games, that lets you keep on top of your battle pass and V-Bucks wallet without the need for worry.

It's described on its website as "the best way to maximise your Fortnite experience", and offers some great exclusives too.

With Fortnite Crew, you'll automatically receive the Battle Pass for the full season, so you can rake in the best unlocks the progression system has to offer.

It also gives you 1,000 V-Bucks every single month, so you can invest in even more skins and emotes. Combine this with the V-Bucks you'll earn with the Battle Pass, and you'll be truly minted in no time.

As if this wasn't enough, Fortnite Crew also offers a monthly crew pack; an exclusive outfit bundle just for members. They include a new skin, plus at least one matching accessory.

Every month offers an exciting new grab-bag item, from gliders to pickaxes to emotes. This month's emote is of course the Members Only.

Fortnite Crew Members only
Fortnite Crew

Joining the Fortnite Crew will cost $11.99 a month, and will help you stay truly ahead of the game. Not to mention kitted out with the best new gear!

The Members Only emote brings some friendliness to Fortnite and the battle royale community. Which is well needed, as Warzone fans are outraged that Activision is breaking tracker apps. Plus, glitches are still rife, with helicopters instantly exploding and downed players shooting their guns.

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