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Rapper Logic Buys Rare Pokémon Card For Over $200,000

Collecting Pokémon cards is a serious business for some fans. Certain cards are so rare that they can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Plenty of celebrities have become avid Pokémon card collectors, especially now their value has steadily climbed in the past few years.

The rarest and most expensive Pokémon cards have become collectors’ items and status symbols for the wealthiest of fans.

Retired rapper Logic, who also had a small role in Rick and Morty’s 3rd season as himself, is one of these fans.

In fact, Mr Bobby Bathroom Break – as he’s known on Twitter, is a connoisseur of all things geek-chic.

This includes rare Pokémon cards it would seem, as Logic recently spent $226,000 (£173,000) on one card during an online auction! But this was not any old card.

This was a first (limited) edition, shiny aka holo, Charizard card.

Charizard Is Still The Ultimate Pokémon Card

Pokémon fans from the first era of games, cards and the anime will remember that Charizard was considered one of the strongest and most sought after Pokémon. He still is in many ways, although access to him is generally more common today.

He was particularly valuable during the early years of the Pokémon trading card game. Back when there were just 150 Pokémon – even the 151st was just a playground myth at this point in time.

Speaking of playgrounds, those of us who grew up in this era will remember the sense of awe the original Charizard card inspired. Anyone who was lucky enough to have one rarely traded it, and rarely lost a game either.

There were even reports at the time of kids being bullied and robbed of their valuable cards in broad daylight!

The First Pokémon Generation

Logic himself is part of this ‘original Pokémon generation’. He would have been in middle school when Pokémon cards were at the height of their popularity.

So it’s easy to see why he was willing to spend this amount of cash on just one card. It may be a piece of his childhood, and as a collector, even more valuable for that reason alone.

Logic posted to Instagram and spoke about how much he loved Pokémon cards as a child. But how when he was younger, he struggled to afford them, until this GameHops Auction gave him the chance to change that.

He even Tweeted YouTuber Logan Paul during the auction, revealing himself as the buyer. This would mean Logic was not the only celebrity who had eyes on the original Charizard.

The card sold for $183,812, but also included a 20% buyer’s premium that bumped the price up to the $226,000 that was paid. It was also the highest recorded sale of that card.

Incredibly, Logic also bought an unopened pack of gen 1 Pokémon cards the day before the auction. He spent $23,000 on this just for the thrill of opening them.

Inside he found more rare cards and even another Charizard!

In other Pokémon-related news this week, Pokémon Go’s Autumn Event will begin soon.