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Best RAPP H Loadout in MW2 – Attachments, Perks & More

The RAPP H in MW2 is a brutally fast and furious LMG to use, especially with the right loadout and attachments.

Modern Warfare 2 is finally here and players are quickly discovering the strongest loadouts for some of the best guns in the game.

The RAPP H, a Light Machinegun with lots of power and lots of bullets, is definitely worth dedicating a custom class to. And with the right build using MW2’s Gunsmith 2.0, it’ll become one of your favorite guns.

However, you’ll have to unlock this gun first before you can take advantage of it in-game.

Best RAPP H Loadout Build & Attachments in MW2

  • Muzzle: ZLR Talon 5 – Unlocked at TAQ-M Level 22
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Red Dot – Unlocked at FSS Hurricane Level 3
  • Barrel: Romeo FT 16″ Barrel – Unlocked at Rapp H Level 16
  • Stock: FT Mobile Stock – Unlocked at Lachmann-556 Level 10
  • Underbarrel: DI-Grip 4.5 – Unlocked at Rapp H Level 8

You’ll need to rank up a few guns to be able to access these attachments, so here’s how to level up guns fast in MW2.

Best RAPP H Loadout Build & Attachments in MW2

The ZLR Talon 5 offers great sound suppression, allowing you to take your enemies by surprise. It also increases the damage range of the Rapp H, as well as some additional recoil control.

We went with the Cronen Mini Red Dot for the optic here. While this is entirely preference, we recommend this optic as it offers a better sight than the iron sights, without giving your location away with a glint.

Our choice of barrel is the Romeo FT 16″ Barrel for this build, as it allows for more precision in firefights. Damage range and bullet velocity see a buff here, with the aim down sight speed taking a hit.

For the stock, we decided on the FT Mobile Stock, primarily as it allows for increased sprint speed, aim walking speed, and crouch movement speed, as well as bringing back up the aim down sight speed for any attachments that negated it. It does decrease the recoil control, but the Rapp H has great recoil control already.

Finally, DI-Grip 4.5 was our choice for the underbarrel attachment. This helps with handling, by increasing aiming stability when idle, as well as bringing steadiness when walking while aiming.

How to Unlock the RAPP H in Modern Warfare 2

To unlock the RAPP H in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need to level up the Lachmann-556 to Level 12. Here’s the upgrade path you’ll need to follow:

  • Reach Rank 16 to unlock the Lachmann-762
  • Use the Lachmann-762 until Level 13 to unlock the Lachmann-556
  • Level the Lachmann-556 to Level 12 to unlock the RAPP H
RAPP H locked in Modern Warfare 2

You can find out more about all of the weapon platforms and progression trees here.

Best Secondary to Use With RAPP H

The best secondary to use with the RAPP H is the Lachmann Sub, thanks to its high fire rate and decent damage.

You’ll need to use up one of your base perks to run Overkill, but being able to have an SMG on hand will be worth it.

You should use our best Lachmann Sub loadout in MW2 to make your secondary more worthwhile.

Best Perks to Use With RAPP H in MW2

The best perks to use with our RAPP H loadout are:

  • Overkill
  • Battle Hardened
  • Fast Hands
  • Quick Fix

This perk package aims to increase your survivability in encounters, as well as preparing yourself for the next pack of enemies to come.

The new system may seem confusing to some, so make sure to read our guide on perk packages in Modern Warfare 2.

Best Base Perks for RAPP H

  • Overkill
  • Battle Hardened

We decided on Overkill for this loadout so you can pair it with the best secondary in our class, the Lachmann Sub. If you decide on a normal secondary weapon, Bomb Squad could be a good replacement.

Our second base perk is Battle Hardened. This will negate some of the effects of enemy tactical equipment, such as Flashbangs or Stun Sticks. It also makes you immune to Snapshot Grenades.

RAPP H inspect in MW2

Best Bonus Perk for RAPP H

  • Fast Hands

There are a few reasons we decided to go with Fast Hands as our bonus perk of choice in our RAPP H loadout.

Firstly, it helps increase the speed of reloading, which is definitely a must-have for any LMG, and especially the RAPP H. Secondly, it also speeds up the process of swapping from your primary to your secondary.

Finally, being able to use equipment faster is great as an additional bonus.

Best Ultimate Perk for RAPP H

  • Quick Fix

Last but not least, we went with Quick Fix as the best ultimate perk for the RAPP H. This perk helps you with your health regeneration, keeping you alive for a little while longer.

The perk comes into effect when killing enemies or capturing and holding objectives. You’ll be killing lots of players with this loadout, so having regeneration start instantly when defeating an opponent is great.

You’ll also have an increased regeneration rate when playing for objectives, which means you can survive more encounters often.

Best Equipment to Use With RAPP H

The best equipment to use with the RAPP H is:

  • Tactical – Stim
  • Lethal – Drill Charge

The Stim, alongside Quick Fix as your ultimate perk, will increase your survivability further and allow you to play more aggressively for objectives.

Drill Charges are a fan-favorite here, and we had to put them on our RAPP H loadout. Having these as your lethal will help clear out any sentinels who may hide in corners, allowing you to push areas without getting killed as easily.

Best Field Upgrade to Use With RAPP H

We recommend using the Trophy System as your Field Upgrade of choice with the RAPP H.

Trophy System in Modern Warfare 2

This will protect you from enemy equipment, meaning you have a better chance of holding down objectives or areas for longer.

Pairing this with the perks we mentioned above means you’ll survive plenty more encounters than you did before.

Best Alternatives to RAPP H in MW2

The RAPP H offers great fire rate, recoil control, and range at base value. But there are a few alternatives if this gun isn’t working for you:

  • 556 Icarus – One of the most balanced LMGs in the game, this offers greater mobility than other Light Machineguns while still having great recoil control and damage.
  • RAAL MG – The RAAL MG has some of the best damage of any LMG currently, and still has decent range and recoil control.

If the LMG category doesn’t seem to suit your playstyle, try something else! Here are all of the guns in Modern Warfare 2.

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