The Pokemon GO Noxious Swamp event is all about Poison and Dragon-type Pokemon, and plenty of them will be available to battle in Raids!

In addition to event-themed Pokemon in Tier 1 and Tier 3 Raids, there will be two Legendaries and a Mega Pokemon available to battle during the event!

The following Raid bosses will be available to battle from 10 AM local time on August 19 to 8 PM local time on August 22, 2023 – the entire of the Noxious Swamp event:

  • 1-Star
    • Grimer
    • Alolan Grimer
    • Hisuian Qwilfish
    • Hisuian Sneasel
  • 3-Star
    • Galarian Weezing
    • Druddigon
    • Turtonator
  • 4-Star
    • Mega Salamence
  • 5-Star
    • Xerneas (knows Geomancy)
    • Yveltal (knows Oblivion Wing)

Even if you have caught Xerneas and Yveltal before, you may want to catch another one. This is because if you catch either of them during the Noxious Swamp event, they will know an exclusive featured attack!

Pokemon GO Noxious Swamp Raid Bosses

The table below shows whether you can get the shiny versions of each of these Raid bosses in Pokemon GO, as well as the difficulty tier of the Raid boss.

PokemonRaid TierStandardShiny
Grimer1Grimer Pokemon GOShiny Grimer Pokemon GO
Alolan Grimer1Alolan Grimer Pokemon GOShiny Alolan Grimer Pokemon GO
Hisuian Qwilfish1Hisuian Qwilfish Pokemon GONot Available
Hisuian Sneasel1Hisuian Sneasel Pokemon GONot Available
Galarian Weezing3Galarian Weezing Pokemon GOShiny Galarian Weezing Pokemon GO
Druddigon3Druddigon Pokemon GOShiny Druddigon Pokemon GO
Turtonator3Turtonator Pokemon GOShiny Turtonator Pokemon GO
Mega Salamence4Mega Salamence Pokemon GOShiny Salamence Pokemon GO
Xerneas5Xerneas Pokemon GOShiny Xerneas Pokemon GO
Yveltal5Yveltal Pokemon GOShiny Yveltal Pokemon GO

In addition to all of the new Raid bosses, the Noxious Swamp event has updated the wild Pokemon spawns. This means that plenty of Dragon and Poison-type Pokemon will be available to catch!

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