If you want to take part in Call of Duty’s first-ever Raid, you’ll need to get your hands on a Raid Assignment in Modern Warfare 2.

MW2 finally has its long-awaited Season 1 Reloaded update and the new patch brings a ton of new, exciting content to the game.

Not only are we finally getting a major balance patch to both Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer, as well as new guns, a new map, and more, Spec Ops fans are in for a treat.

Raids are the latest and greatest addition to the COD franchise, continuing the story of the MW2 Campaign with a challenging 3-player mission.

MW2 Raid Assignment

How to Get a Raid Assignment in MW2

There are 3 ways to get a Raid Assignment in MW2 in Season 1 Reloaded:

  • Complete a designated Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Spec Ops
  • Place in the top 20 in any Warzone 2 Battle Royale playlist
  • Extract at least $30,000 using the final extract helicopter in DMZ

Players can complete any one of the tasks listed above to be granted a Raid Assignment. This makes that user eligible to participate in a Raid of their choice (right now, only Atomgrad will be available) for a full week.

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Easiest Way to Get a Raid Assignment

The easiest way to get a Raid Assignment in Modern Warfare 2 is by completing the designated Daily Challenge in Spec Ops or Multiplayer, depending on which is easier that day.

The advantage of Spec Ops is that you can quickly complete the mission either alone or with a friend, removing all outside interference from other players.

Atomgrad Raid Modern Warfare 2

That said, the easier Modern Warfare 2 Daily Challenges could be completed in a single game of online matchmaking – so go with whatever challenge is easier for that day.

Alternatively, dropping into a game of Warzone Solos and hiding until you hit the top 20 shouldn’t be too difficult either!

Do Raid Assignments Expire in MW2?

Yes, Raid Assignments that you earn will disappear one week after being assigned. That means that you’ll only have 7 days to complete your MW2 Raid before having to get a second Raid Assignment.

Does Every Player Need a Raid Assignment?

No, only a single player needs to have a Raid Assignment in order to take their party into a MW2 Raid. If you’ve completed the Raid Assignment requirements, your friends will not have to do the same to join you.

Raid MW2

How to Access MW2 Raid Without a Raid Assignment

To get access to a Modern Warfare 2 Raid without earning a Raid Assignment for yourself, simply group up with a player who has already earned their Assignment for the week.

Players that have a Raid Assignment will be able to take any two players of their choice into Atomgrad with them – even without Assignments of their own!

Make sure you level up a Spec Ops Kit before heading into MW2 Raids! You’ll need them at a high tier if you want to successfully complete the mission.

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