Today’s Rage 2 Update 1.06 Introduces a New Difficulty Level | Patch Notes

Rage 2 Update 1.06 Patch Notes

Avalanche Studios has released a new update on RAGE 2. In addition to a host of bug fixes alongside quality of life improvements, the Rage 2 update 1.06 patch notes also include new game modes and much more.

File Size for PS4, Xbox One & PC

The second major update is 16.5 GB on PS4. The file size may vary depending on your platform and region. Xbox One and PC is currently unknown.

Rage 2 Patch Notes for Update 1.06

Throughout the past few weeks, players have been requesting for the New Game + feature. Upon completion of the Project Dagger storyline and all of the Arks, players will be able to load up the new addition to the game.

Alongside this, those who are awaiting a challenge can now play on Ultra Nightmare difficulty. We warn you that it’s probably more of a challenge than you think, however.

New cheats have also arrived in Rage 2, in addition to the usual quality of life improvements. This update primarily consists of bug fixes as well. All of the changes have been summarised below.

Summary of changes from Update 2:

  • New Game +
  • Ultra Nightmare difficulty
  • New cheats: Dash Ragdoll, Super Knockback, and BJ Blazkowicz Voice Pack
  • Pop-up notifications no longer pause the game
  • In controller options, the Camera Deadzone slider is now available
  • The flashlight has been added. In order to activate this, you’ll need to hold Focus. Players may want to use this new aspect to navigate through dark areas.
  • Aunt Prowley’s dialog can now be skipped in the opening mission to save time.
  • Ark tutorials can now be disabled
  • Progress on HUD now shown in tracking projects
  • Damage and Kill notifications can be turned off on crosshair

Bug Fixes:

  • ChazCar vehicle no longer misaligns Walker through the chassis when at an angle
  • Fixed the following issues where:
  • – you could not fast travel to Kvasir’s lab
  • – combat music did not play correctly
  • Prowley hologram subtitles did not match VO dialog in Japanese
  • – you could get stuck attempting to access Authority HQ
  • blood and bullet decals stopped appearing
  • – the game froze after navigating throughout the Phoenix weapon upgrades menu
  • Vehicles can no longer be driven into the Ruined Shaft crusher nest
  • Shop vendor VO no longer overlaps with itself
  • Sound effects are now correctly played when opening storage containers
  • Floating spikes are no longer left behind after breaking wooden barricades
  • Two log entries for Bridge of Ned added to the game
  • After the player has turned off all sounds, the Mutie explosion sound effects no longer play
  • Prowley’s VO no longer plays twice in the presidio

SOURCE: Bethesda


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