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RAAL MG – New Gun Coming to Modern Warfare & Warzone Soon?

A new LMG – the RAAL MG – could be coming to both Modern Warfare and Warzone soon.

Modern Warfare players have found a new LMG that has been secretly added to the game. This is great news for Modern Warfare fans who have been waiting for ages for new content.

The RAAL MG could officially be added to Modern Warfare and Warzone soon, but some players have managed to get their hands on it early.

A Warzone player has also managed to get his hands on an unreleased blueprint for the Sykov pistol. It looks totally overpowered.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Morte Operator

How to Unlock the RAAL MG in Modern Warfare

It is not possible to use the RAAL MG in custom classes just yet. However, Modern Warfare players have already found out the hidden unlock challenge for the weapon in the Survival mode weapons kiosk.

Get 5 kills in 7 different matches while using LMGs with a scout optic.

Unfortunately, many Modern Warfare players have encountered problems when trying to unlock the RAAL MG early. Some say that the challenge isn’t visually tracking, while others say that the challenge won’t track at all.

Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 5 Reloaded FiNN LMG Weapon

Players have also been able to unlock two other secret weapons. Find out how to unlock the Sykov and CX-9 early in Modern Warfare.

Despite this, some players have unlocked the gun. For the time being, it can only be selected in Spec Ops Survival Mode, after completing the unlock challenges.

However, players are also able to use it by getting very lucky with a Weapon Drop field upgrade in multiplayer.

-HubertuS- Reddit

When Will the RAAL MG be Added?

Hopefully, Infinity Ward will officially add the RAAL MG to Modern Warfare and Warzone in an update soon. Although, it is unlikely that Modern Warfare will get a fully-blown Season 7 of new content.

Despite this, there is still some leaked content for the game that hasn’t been released yet. A leak has revealed that a fan-favorite original trilogy character could be coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The RAAL MG, along with the other leaked weapons and operators will hopefully arrive during Warzone Season 2. Check out the Warzone Season 2 trailer right now.

Fans might have a lot of new weapons to look forward to. All of the Cold War and Warzone Season 2 weapons have leaked early. Another leak has also confirmed that the Crossbow is coming to Cold War soon as well.

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