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How to Play Quidditch Champions Playtest

Join the chase for the Golden Snitch!

Players will finally have the opportunity to chase the Golden Snitch with the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Playtest.

WB Games revealed Quidditch Champions, a brand new game that will allow players to dive deep into the popular wizarding sport.

Thankfully, sign-ups have already opened for the playtest!

How to Sign Up For Quidditch Champions Playtest

Players will need to fill out a questionnaire on the official Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions web page to sign up for the upcoming Playtest.

  1. Head to the Official Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Sign Up Page.
  2. Enter your Date of Birth.
  3. Log In or Sign Up for a WB Games Account.
  4. Choose the Platform you want to sign up with.
  5. Answer the three questions.
    • What types of games do you play, and how many hours of each type have you played in total, to date?
    • From a scale of 0 – 10 with 0 being “I dislike Harry Potter and would never play a Harry Potter game” and 10 being “I love Harry Potter and would play any Harry Potter game”, how big of a Harry Potter fan are you?
    • What is your motivation for playing a game?
  6. Press Submit.
  7. Your registration is now complete!
Quidditch Champions Playtest

Simply signing up does not guarantee players access to the playtest. WB Games select players and then send them an email to confirm their enrollment.

WB Games will send invites through email so players will need to keep an eye on the email they used to sign up.

Players can already start getting involved with the community by joining the Quidditch Champion’s official Discord.

There isn’t much information regarding the game as of now, but players can look at the 16-second reveal trailer here.

WB Games has yet to confirm if the graphics shown in the teaser are the art style Quidditch Champions will have.

Hogwarts Legacy players are confused at this announcement since many wanted to see Quidditch as DLC.

But this opens many opportunities for Quidditch Champions and may even allow it to thrive alongside other Fantasy Sports games like Rocket League.

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