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PSVR2 Coming to PS5 Sooner Than Expected?

Back in October, Sony ruled out bringing VR to PS5 anytime soon. But a new patent increases the possibility of PSVR2 coming to PS5 sooner than previously thought.

We were skeptical when we heard Sony Boss Jim Ryan say; he doesn’t expect to see PSVR2 on PS5 for at least two years. Granted, it will take time, but two years seems too long.

Gaming is a competitive and fast moving industry. If innovations fall out of the public consciousness, they rarely make a comeback. Once people move on, they rarely go back.

Of course, some innovations become legendary; who doesn’t have fond memories of playing Nintendo Wii with a group of family or friends? But others arrive, make little impact, then vanish forever – looking at you Kinect.

PSVR is no Kinect, but it’s not at Nintendo Wii level classic at this point either. Unless VR really kicks off this gen, it’s likely not to return next-gen.

Why We Think PSVR2 Is Coming Sooner

Sony will be aware of the above, which is why we found the two-year wait until PSVR2 arrives on PS5 rather strange. We don’t expect to see PSVR2 for a while, but we think it’s higher on Sony’s list of priorities than they let on.

A new patent, dug up by Let’s Go Digital suggests that Sony is hard at work on a successor to PSVR and that PSVR2 is coming. The new patent features haptic feedback, like the PS5 DualSense controller.

While this doesn’t indicate when PSVR2 is coming, it at least confirms its importance and synchronicity with PS5. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when PSVR2 is coming to PS5, but we’d wager it will be sooner than 2023.

Here’s what Sony initially said about their PSVR2 plans, as well as what Sony is doing to support PS4 VR players on PS5.

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