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PSVR 2 Release Date Revealed By Insiders

There’s a new virtual reality headset on the way, and we may have just learned the release date for the PSVR 2.

When it comes to virtual reality, Sony is one of the biggest upcoming players on the market. After the success of the PlayStation VR, we were always expecting an upgraded sequel for the PS5.

It seems we were absolutely correct in our expectations, as Sony announced the PSVR 2 back in February with new feature reveals and more. From what we can tell, this looks to be a huge upgrade, just as the PlayStation VR 2 should be.

psvr 2 controller
(Source: Sony)

Just looking at the PSVR 2 controller reveal, we can see some excellent new features that are sure to improve the overall virtual reality experience. And that’s not all that sets the new headset apart if rumors are to be believed.

Just last month, a new PSVR 2 leak reveals a 4K headset, eye-tracking, vibration, and more will be present. If this turns out to be true, PlayStation’s next-gen VR system will be competing with the best virtual reality kits on the market.

And now, the PSVR 2 may finally have a release date too.

PlayStation VR 2 Release Date Revealed?

In a new report from Bloomberg, we may already know the release date for the long-awaited PSVR 2.

Although the PS5’s release date was only 7 months ago, it won’t be a long wait for the PSVR 2, the report suggests. In fact, the PS5’s VR kit may drop as early as 2022.

In an article discussing OLED panels’ usage in VR equipment, Bloomberg has some insider information from reliable sources. The insiders claim that the next-gen PlayStation VR will use Samsung OLED panels in its PS5 upgrade.

What’s more, the PS VR 2 will also release in the holiday period of 2022, reports indicate. And by then, Sony predicts that the PS5 shortage will be at an end.

(Source: Sony)

In the meantime, those still looking for a next-gen console are in luck. These lightning-fast stock trackers will alert you the moment consoles go live:

On top of that, PS5 consoles are already appearing in stores as stock levels increase steadily.

Last time around, the PS VR sold more than 5 million units. Compare that number to the amount of PS5 consoles in households so far, and we can see the new kit eclipsing its old figures with ease.

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