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PSVR 2 Controller Officially Revealed, Features DualSense Technology

We finally know what the PSVR 2 controller will look like, thanks to an official announcement by Sony.

The PlayStation VR 2 isn’t as far away as you might think, and today Sony announces what our new controller will look like. What’s more, the company reveals that the PSVR 2 controller will feature technology that fans know from their PS5 DualSense controllers.

The PS5 Virtual Reality technology will feature massive improvements over the original model. And while we don’t know it’s official name just yet, calling it the PSVR 2 probably isn’t too far off.

original PSVR controller
(Source: Sony)

Check out the PSVR 2 official reveal here, where Sony teases the device’s release date!

PSVR 2: Sony’s Next-Gen PlayStation VR Controllers Revealed

In a new blog post, Sony unveils that its next-gen PlayStation VR device, the PSVR 2, will feature high-tech controller designs.

These new PlayStation VR 2 controllers are far more up-to-date than the older models, resembling the Oculus Quest models. But given Sony’s advancements in controller technology, these could be the best VR controllers of all time.

After all, Sony confirms that the PS VR 2 controllers will feature both Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback. These two technologies made the PS5s DualSense controller feel more next-gen than the console itself.

psvr 2 controller
(Source: Sony)

Now, players will be able to feel real tension on their trigger buttons, adding further immersion to the VR experience. What’s more, every sensation in the game world will feel “more impactful, textured and nuanced” thanks to responsive haptic feedback.

On top of that, the new PSVR 2 controllers feature Finger touch detection, allowing players to make natural gestures with their hands during gameplay. This feature works even without applying any pressure on the PlayStation VR 2 controller itself.

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The controllers will be tracked independently via a tracking ring on the PSVR 2 hardware. If you’re wondering why the next-gen PlayStation VR controllers have such a modern shape, it’s all to do with perfecting the controller tracking.

It looks like this PSVR 2 controller patent leak from last month was correct after all.

ps vr 2 controller revealed
(Source: Sony)

Despite Sony Boss Jim Ryan stating that PSVR 2 wouldn’t be coming anytime soon, it looks like that wasn’t quite the truth. But of course, the company likely wants all users to be able to get hold of a PS5 before the next-gen VR technology hits the market.

With that in mind, 46,000 new PS5 consoles are dropping in today’s major restock! And on top of that, Sony is actually inviting some users to buy a PS5 from them directly.

By the time the PSVR 2 is finally ready, we’re sure the next-gen gaming device will be available to anyone that wants one.

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