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PSN Store Update Prepares It For PS5 Release

Next-gen is about to become current gen, as we’re now just a matter of weeks away from the PS5’s launch. The latest PSN store update is now live and features several changes as the platform gets ready for PS5.

The PSN store update changes are mostly cosmetic, but since the latest update, it’s becoming clear that Sony is preparing for a new era. As many features from PlayStation’s past are removed.

PS3, PSP and PS Vita games are now missing from the updated store. Of course, many people still use these older consoles. PS Vita particularly is still used by lots of portable gaming fans.

Those who still use the PS3, PSP and PS Vita will be pleased to know they can still access its features on those devices. Players who own an extensive Vita library need not fear; this will still be accessible to them.

But on newer consoles, functionality has been removed. However, this PSN store update shouldn’t impact many PS4 or PS5 players.

Sony has also removed the wishlist feature. We now expect it will be replaced by a new favourites system in time.

PSN Store Update - More To Come

It seems to us that the changes are far from finished. Certain things feel clunky and out of place, or simply incomplete. For example, the distinction between full games and add-ons is now unclear.

The good news is that this will most likely be temporary as Sony irons out the kinks of the new PSN store update.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature to the new PSN store, at least in the US, is the inclusion of PS5 games. Now digital editions of games can be pre-ordered from the PSN store for the first time.

This will be essential to those buying a digital version of the PS5. Many of whom will have wondered when this functionality would be added.

Sony’s most recent PSN update has been a controversial one since it was announced, but luckily that storm seems to have calmed. There have also been significant changes to the PS5 trophies system.


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