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This Is How Quickly PS5s Have Been Selling Out Once Back in Stock

If you’ve been trying to get your hands on a PS5 this year, chances are you’ve seen it pull more than one disappearing act. The PS5 is selling out quickly whenever it comes back in stock – this is how fast you’ll need to be.

If you’re still trying to get a PS5 in 2020, it’s still incredibly hard to do so. Even those waiting by the PC for an upcoming drop have found themselves missing out on the next-gen gaming console.

The reason for this is that the PS5 is in such high demand that it’s selling out quickly whenever it’s back in stock. Most retailers only have the console in stock for a short period before all the units are sold to ravenous fans.

PS5 stock selling out quickly
(Source: Sony)

And, of course, the abundance of PS5 scalpers certainly doesn’t help. Many bot-using scalpers can snatch up consoles and sell them on for tremendous profit.

In fact, scalpers have reported huge profits on the PS5 this year already, with figures in the millions.

How Quickly Does the PS5 Sell Out?

Looking to grab a console from the 2021 PS5 restock? You’ll have to be fast.

Once the stock drops, fans need to refresh their webpages quickly to be in with a chance of purchasing. If you’re relying on the page to refresh for you, chances are the stock will be gone before you know it was even there.

A good way of staying aware of all the latest stock levels is with our handy PS5 stock trackers. Check them out here:

PS5 Stock Tracker USA – Updates, Restocks and Alerts
PS5 Stock Tracker UK – Updates, Restocks and Alerts

In recent drops, we’ve seen the PS5 sell out in seconds flat. This leads to consumers adding the console to their cart, only for the process to fail at checkout.

PS5 Selling Out Quickly
(Source: Sony)

The speed at which the PS5 goes out of stock also leads buyers to believe that they missed a drop that is yet to actually occur. It’s always worth sticking around and refreshing a while longer.

After all, in Amazon’s last major PS5 drop the site released the consoles over an hour later than initially stated. Given that most people had already left the site, the PS5 actually remained in stock for around 2 minutes.

However, some retailers are better prepared to handle the strain now that they’re getting used to the demand. In fact, today’s Target PS5 restock appears to have been quite a success.

Target’s PS5 Restock

Despite most PS5 restocks disappearing in a matter of seconds, today’s Target drop was far more reasonable. This could be because each store appeared to get a lot more stock than usual.

One employee even reported that his local store had 27 PS5s to sell today, and many more around the US likely had similar levels. As such, gamers were still buying the PS5 almost an hour after the initial drop.

That’s not to say that it was an easy task. From what we can see on Twitter, some users were spamming the Place Order button to be able to purchase their device.

But due to some users leaving without completing their orders, some PS5 units trickled back into stock over time. Now, all PS5 units are likely done for the day, but Target managed to make a lot of gamers very happy.

And, of course, on the other side of things, there are many consumers that still missed out. The PS5 is continuing to dominate the console market and sales of the console are hard to come by.

We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest drops as they happen. Be sure to follow PS5 Stock News on Twitter for all the latest details.

Thankfully, a lot of people did get the console this year, leading to some heartwarming videos of gamers opening a PS5 for Christmas. But if you are still waiting for yours, don’t worry.

More PS5 stock is coming this year, and we’re certain early 2021 will be a great time for stock levels too.

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