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PS5’s Launch Day 2.0 Was Even Worse Than The First One

The PlayStation 5 is one of history’s most in-demand gaming consoles. This probably helps explain why the PS5’s second launch day was even worse than the first time around.

One week ago, the PS5 launched for the very first time, to a far greater audience than Sony prepared for. The PlayStation 5 was so heavily-anticipated that it sold out in seconds, no matter where you looked.

Now, as the dust still refuses to settle on the last release, PS5 just had its second launch day. This time coming to Europe and many areas of the world not previously catered to, fans didn’t expect much.

But it seems that even these minuscule expectations were too much to ask for. Launch day 2.0 has been a critical failure on PlayStation’s part, and it’s making the rest of the world feel like even less of a priority to Sony.

PlayStation 5 Update
(Source: Sony)

All across the world, eager fans woke up early and tried desperately to get their hands on the PS5. But they were met by technical issues, poorly planned launches, and a noticeable lack of PlayStation 5 consoles.

Of course, not all of this is PlayStation’s fault exactly. At least here in the UK, we had the following disasters ruining the PS5’s chances of a solid launch:

PS5’s Second Launch Day Disaster

Currys PC World

The first issue to come to the PS5 launch day occurred at around 6:30 AM this morning, where some Curry PC World customers found an exploit to purchase consoles before the 9 AM launch.

This led to Currys putting their launch on hold and canceling it entirely a matter of hours later. Whether the initial exploit users were able to secure their consoles or whether Currys will try again another day is unclear.


As for major retailer GAME, the promised 9 AM launch never arrived due to the site crashing under pressure. At 11:20 AM, the site announced on Twitter that the 9 AM launch was delayed, which would be funny if it weren’t so aggravating.

GAME's PS5 Bundles
(Source: GAME)

Meanwhile, many customers who pre-ordered with GAME are also reporting that their orders aren’t arriving. Eventually, however, GAME managed to get back online.

Now, customers can pre-order a PS5, but only if they’re happy buying as part of a bundle for an additional cost. You’ll be getting an extra controller, T-Shirt, and often a copy of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Notably, this additional purchase happens to be the cheapest PS5 game on the market. We see you, GAME.

John Lewis

John Lewis was another retailer that didn’t have the servers to quite meet demand. Early rumors surfaced, suggesting that the site would go live with the PS5 launch at 8 AM.

John Lewis PS5 Launch
(Source: John Lewis)

Subsequently, the site crashed at 8 AM, and then again at 9 AM. At some point this morning, very limited stock reportedly did get sold through the online store, but many users were stuck endlessly trying to put the console in their basket.

Some users even report making it all the way to payment options before being told the site no longer had stock to sell.


As for the biggest online retailer of them all, Amazon’s PS5 launch was set for 12 PM. This led to a lot of disappointed gamers pinning all their hopes on Jeff Bezos’ massive business.

Amazon PS5 Launch
(Source: Amazon)

At the very least, we could hope that Amazon wouldn’t crash like all the other sites. It turns out we were wrong, as the site experienced multiple crashes for the majority of users.

Regardless, the website didn’t actually have any PS5 units to sell at 12 PM, and there was no further information to be found. At just after 1 PM, the PlayStation 5 did, in fact, go live for around a minute or two in total.

After attempting to add the item to our cart multiple times, we were able to secure one PS5 unit of our very own. However, many users had moved on by this point and weren’t quite so lucky.

This is yet another disastrous PlayStation 5 launch day, and you had to be very fortunate to get a PS5 console. What’s more, some arriving PS5s are already having issues.

In many areas of the world, gamers can’t even check whether their local stores have stock, thanks to COVID-19 restrictions. This didn’t stop PlayStation taking over Oxford Circus, in a promotion that most Londoners aren’t allowed to see.

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