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How Much PS5, Xbox Series X Stock Really Went to Scalpers?

Scalpers have tried buying up as much PS5 and Xbox Series X stock as they could since November. But how much did they actually secure?

It seems like every time there’s a PS5 or Xbox Series X stock drop, some scalper group swoops in to buy it up before regular customers can. They then boast about it on social media.

Incredibly, one scalper group attempted to defend their actions recently, arguing that they provide a service. Although their claims have drawn little sympathy.

But the real question is, are scalper groups as clever and organized as they’d have us believe? And how much PS5, Xbox Series X stock have they actually managed to buy?

Is the real problem simply that PS5 and Xbox Series X/S stock is low anyway? Scalpers are certainly not helping, but some argue the impact of scalpers has been exaggerated.

The position that the threat is overstated irritates some scalpers who want to appear significant. This reaction may lend weight to the argument that the threat is indeed exaggerated.

Why else would they care what gamers think of them? This suggests that most of what these groups say is attention-seeking bravado.

Either way, this is of little comfort to those who are still struggling to secure a next-gen console. But it always pays to know the facts – and numbers don’t lie.

Unlike scalper group’s Twitter feeds.

Scalper boast

What Percentage of PS5, Xbox Series X Stock Was Bought by Scalpers?

According to a recent analysis of PS5 and Xbox consoles sold through resale sites, scalpers have secured an estimated 10 to 15% of next-gen stock.

This is a significant figure, but it’s lower than many people expected. However, the threat looks consequential when it’s broken down into cash value.

Scalpers worldwide have made an estimated $43 million in profit from their activities. But this cost is spread across the continents and represents a total figure.

It’s a lot of money. But it’s reassuring to know that most scalper groups won’t be becoming millionaires themselves anytime soon. So, they are not the supervillains or digital Robin Hoods they’d like us to think they are.

Let’s not forget that genuine resale is also part of the 10 to 15% figure. Not all console resales were by scalpers; a significant portion of it would have been legitimate.

Scalpers are indeed a threat to every PS5 or Xbox Series X/S restock. But only when they are running a slick operation it would seem.

And such groups are likely to stay quiet about their opportunistic activities rather than boasting about it on Twitter. Genuine scalpers are probably more concerned with making a profit than recognition from strangers.


What Will End the Scalper Threat?

As we’ve reported before in more detail, more stock is the key to defeating scalpers. Once PS5 and Xbox Series X stock is easier to find, the scalper threat will die out.

It’s also important to detect the loopholes they use and stop them from taking advantage of these. Something retailers need to work harder to achieve.

There will be too much stock for them to buy up in time, and more people will refuse to pay their inflated prices. Because they simply won’t need to.

The answer is to wait, hope the pandemic ends soon and that console production increases. Manufacturers believe the console shortage will continue until summer but will steadily improve between now and then.

The US government is also taking steps to speed up this process through fresh trade deals. At the same time, the UK government is taking the fight to scalpers directly.

If you’re still trying to secure a PS5, be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the latest drops as they go live!

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