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PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Restock Available at Walmart Imminently – March 18

There’s another PS5 and Xbox Series X/S restock coming to major US retailer Walmart today, but you’ll have to be fast to this one.

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in the world, and it’s one of the best when it comes to next-gen gaming restocks. Already, Walmart has been responsible for several major PS5 and Xbox Series X/S drops – and it seems that the retailer is preparing for another restock today.

If you’re yet to get your hands on a next-gen console, there’s no time like the present. But there’s not long until the drop goes live.

PS5 Xbox Stock
(Source: Sony/Microsoft)

Remarkably, it seems as though both Disc and Digital versions of the PS5 will be getting restocks today. And on top of that, Xbox fans can pick up the Series X or Series S, assuming they can get in there fast enough.

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Walmart PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Restock – March 18

It seems as though Walmart is the place to be today, with both a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S restock confirmed for March 18. If you’re looking to snatch up a new console, you’ll have to be quick, as the drop is scheduled to go live very soon.

PS5 Restock Walmart

For PlayStation fans, the PS5 drop is going live at Walmart at 3PM ET today.

Be sure to check out our ultimate guide on buying a PS5 from Walmart here, as there’s a method to the madness.

If you want to be notified the second this drop goes live, check out our PS5 stock trackers below:

And if you miss out this time around, there are 46,000 PS5s also dropping right here later today.

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Xbox Series X/S Restock Walmart

Xbox fans, you’ll be getting your chance a little earlier, as the Series X/S restock goes live at 2:30PM ET today.

Walmart will also be allowing Xbox fans to make use of Xbox All Access to get their next-gen console on March 25 at 3PM ET.

Lately, we’ve had a lot more chances to get our hands on the next-gen technology. After all, a huge PS5 and Xbox Series X restock just came to Best Buy.

On top of that, PlayStation is even reaching out directly to fans, allowing users to get their hands on a PS5 with ease.

And with scalpers lowering the price of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles everywhere, it’s clear that stock levels are increasing. Sadly, it’s not enough for everyone to get hold of the powerful gaming devices just yet.

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