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PS5 & Xbox Series X Restocks Continue Before Xmas 2021 Despite Supply Issues

Even though scarcity is still an issue with current-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are going strong this Christmas 2021.

The year is reaching its final days, and restocks are still happening for both current-gen consoles. Unfortunately, 2021 was not the year to end console scarcity.

But this does not mean that there has not been any progress. Recent restocks have surprised many gamers with the number of units sold and the time they last.

This year retailers added a vast amount of security measures to make sure stock gets to gamers and not scalpers. Retailers like Microsoft sent direct invites to their customers to purchase its stock.

With all this progress, retailers ensured that restocks were still going strong this Christmas, even with the scarcity that plagued the whole year.

Xbox Series X Console Reveal

PS5 & Xbox Series X Restocks Are Going Strong on Christmas Despite Scarcity

Supply issues still affect PS5 and Xbox Series X distribution, but retailers managed to get enough stock to keep restocks going before Christmas.

Even with all the winds against the restock boat, retailers managed to host big PS5 and Xbox Series X drops this Christmas season. Here are the most prominent examples of these efforts!

In-Store PS5 and Xbox Series X Restocks

This year we finally saw current-gen consoles being sold in-store. During this Xmas sales, retailers like GameStop announced PS5 in-store events.

In addition, GameStop also started having Xbox Series X in-store restock events.

Best Buy also joined the fun and restocked PS5 consoles in-store, albeit at a lower capacity.

Stores like Target changed their internal policies and allowed customers to buy Xbox Series X consoles in-store.

As you can see, the PS5 and Xbox Series X in-store restock frenzy was at its peak this Christmas 2021 season!

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Big Email Invite PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Restocks

As a measure to avoid stock from landing on the hand of scalpers, Sony and Microsoft divided a creative solution.

Both companies started sending personalized emails to their customers, allowing them a direct purchase from their respective stores.

Recently, Microsoft Store sent direct email invites for customers to purchase the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X.

PS Direct also sent some email invites this December, allowing customers to purchase PS5 stock directly.

This is by far the easiest way to get your console! If you want to participate in these restocks, here is how you can get an invite:

Xbox Series X Console and Box Microsoft

Long and Successful Online PS5 and Xbox Series X Restocks

PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks have come a long way, especially those before Christmas! Many drops have surprised gamers during this time due to the volume of consoles sold and how long the restocks lasted.

For example, Amazon UK hosted an Xbox Series X restock today that has lasted hours!

Best Buy had an Xbox Series X restock that did not last as much as Amazon’s but resulted in many successful orders.

At the beginning of the month, Walmart impressed many with its Walmart+ PS5 and Xbox Series X restock.

Also, GameStop amazed plenty of customers with its massive Xbox Series X bundle restock.

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It has undoubtedly been a challenging year when it comes to console scarcity.

But we can mostly agree that both suppliers and retailers have made a superb effort to keep Xbox Series X and PS5 restocks going this Christmas season!

If you are interested in getting a console, you might want to check all the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks:

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