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PS5 & Xbox Series X Restocks Explode End of December 2021

PS5 and Xbox Series restocks are exploding all around as December 2021 reaches its end!

Sony and Microsoft continue to make their best effort to keep PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock. Unfortunately, both companies struggle to reach this goal.

Despite several factors, PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks continued strong before Christmas 2021. After most stores deployed their Black Friday offers, restocks continued strong until Christmas.

Surprisingly, this strong restock trend seems to be closing the year with even more surprises than expected.

Now, PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are coming stronger than ever as we reach the final days of December 2021.


PS5 & Xbox Series X Restocks Happened At Staggering Numbers as December 2021 Ends

PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks occurred in impressive numbers as the final days of December 2021 arrive.

Overall, there were three PS5, and four Xbox Series X restocks, a record number for the season.

Today, GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all restocked PS5 consoles and bundles to different degrees of success.

Unfortunately for Prime members, Amazon’s latest PS5 restock was ruined by scalper bots.

In the case of Best Buy and GameStop, most customers had a pleasant experience. Although, as usual, many were not able to get their consoles.

UPDATE: GameStop In-Store PS5 Restock Announced for December 30

To continue this crazy restock December trend, GameStop just teased an upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X restock coming soon.

As for Xbox Series X, Best Buy, Amazon Canada, Costco, and Antonline had restocks today.

Of course, none of these restocks are perfect, and there are still plenty of customers complaining about numerous issues and lack of stock.

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Restocks were already at a good pace before Christmas. Moreover, this successful restocks season could be felt as hundreds of gamers celebrated receiving their consoles on Christmas.

Just before Christmas, Amazon UK had an Xbox Series X restock that lasted hours.

Furthermore, retailers like Walmart even delivered PS5 orders scheduled for January 2022 earlier.

But fortunately for those who were not able to get a console before Christmas, there have been even more drops now.

It seems both Microsoft and Sony want to close the year with a remarkable number of consoles delivered to gamers!

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Comments 3



Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I'm a pro member at Gamestop and have not seen a notification for any restock on xbox series x or ps5. So I have no idea what your article is referring to. If Gamestop is circumventing their pro program I think that's fraudulent and not fair.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I can't find a ps5 for retail price to save my life. Gotta wait til the pro comes out prob before I get one

Jolyn Cripps

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

It would be great if these retailers would just give us a "wait-list". I feel like this would reduce the scalper bots to some degree.

I go to my preferred retailer, either in person or online. I pay them for the console, and they give it to me when it comes back in stock. I there's anything left after the wait-list has been fulfilled, then they list them. Perhaps requiring ID for this would be beneficial.