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PS5 & Xbox Series X Restock Coming to Target Next Week Reveals Insider – April 2021

There’s a new PS5 and Xbox Series X restock coming to Target next week, according to this insider.

Right now, there is still an overwhelming number of gamers waiting on the chance to get their PS5 or Xbox Series X. But with April being a bad month for restocks, it’s hard to get hold of a next-gen gaming device anywhere.

Thankfully, hope is not all lost this month. And if you’re looking to find yourself a console, you may soon be in with another chance at beating the odds.

Here are the upcoming drops scheduled for this week:

But if you miss your chance this time around, an insider reveals the place to look next week.

Target PS5, Xbox Series X Restock – April 19-25


According to restock insider Jake Randall, Target will be the next major restock location for PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The insider is known to help users get their hands on next-gen consoles, and their information is usually reliable. According to Randall, Target is currently receiving stock in its distribution centers.

Although this week’s been poor for restocks, these new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be shipping out this weekend to stores around the US. And therefore, it looks as though a Target PS5 and Xbox Series X restock is likely for next week.

Take a look at our lightning-fast PS5 stock trackers below to make sure you’re first to the new restocks when they drop:

It’s definitely worth finding yourself a Target drop if possible, as the retailer is one of the more reliable console distributors. On the other hand, here’s why you SHOULDN’T be buying PS5 or Xbox Series X consoles from Walmart.

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Target’s last major PS5 restock was quite some time ago so we’re eager to see just how many consoles the retailer has this time around.

But we’re even more eager to get another update from the PlayStation Boss about when next-gen consoles will be more readily available.

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