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PS5 & Xbox Series X Prices Drop As Scalpers Struggle to Sell Consoles

One of the best things about PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks becoming more common is that scalpers are being forced to drop their prices for the next-gen consoles.

Ever since the new PlayStation and Xbox line-up arrived in November 2020, scalpers have been a major issue. Resellers who snatch up stock using bots have been plaguing online restocks for over a year now, with no solution in sight.

Although some stores take drastic measures to counter next-gen scalpers, many simply let bots purchase consoles in a second. Because of this advantage, many resellers have dozens of PS5 or Xbox consoles while others struggle to find one.

PS5 Xbox Series X

Over the last year, we’ve seen scalpers selling PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles for insane prices. We’ve even seen a few instances where gamers have trolled scalpers for revenge, wasting their time and money.

But now, it seems that those with a lot of consoles leftover are struggling to sell their stock. And because of increased supply, resellers are being forced to lower their prices on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

Resellers Are Struggling to Sell PS5 and Xbox Series X Consoles

In recent weeks, supply is up and demand is down for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. And it seems that scalpers are being forced to reduce their prices just to shift their stock.

After a year of driving up the prices, resellers are finally having to adjust their stock to nearer market value. According to new reports, both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are becoming more common in 2022.

In fact, we got another major PS5 and Xbox Series X restock today, which made a lot of gamers very happy.

Now, taking a look at popular reseller sites such as StockX and eBay, it’s clear that there’s a shift in the market. Prices for the PS5 and Xbox Series X are at an all-time low, with some recent sales going for just over market value.

Meanwhile, many scalpers are attempting to sell their consoles for a higher price, only to be met with 0 bids as the auction expires.

failed PS5 scalpers eBay
(Source: eBay)

There’s still some price-gouging out there, of course. After all, since you can’t just walk into a store and buy a PS5, resellers are still taking advantage.

But it seems that the next-gen supply shortage could finally be coming to an end. And because of this, scalpers are beginning to lose their market.

We’ve got eyes on a number of PS5 restocks that should be dropping this week. Alternatively, here’s where you can find an Xbox Series X this week!

And since this retailer sells the Xbox Series X in-store every day, it’s clear that the time for scalpers to run wild is finally at an end.

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Comments 37



Thursday 27th of January 2022

When i can actually by one from a store, without a membership, without bot software, without a bundle and at msrp. Then i will buy one, but not from walmart,amazon,target,sears,best buy or any other retailer that thinks its ok to advertise for scalpers on the very same out of stock webpages. Sony is losing 10s of millions in software sales so us retailers can profit more in bed with resellers. I reccomend boycotting these corrupt retailers.


Sunday 30th of January 2022

@Pyqo, Same here. Although these scalpers are not satisfied just doing PS5 and Xbox they are doing the video cards, hard drives, now the Raspberry Pi's. I hope there will be more Microcenter stores in more states. At this point buying more at retail stores and less online. At least with retail stores its harder to do bots.


Monday 10th of January 2022

Holy crap who wrote this article how many times are you going to say they are forced to lower prices and you just wrote it in different ways over and over. You suck as much as the scalpers


Saturday 8th of January 2022

No. Not 599.00, not 699.00, not 799.00 and not 899.00. 499.00!!!!!!!


Saturday 8th of January 2022

I am done with third party sellers period. I'll hold out until I can get it from retail. Regardless how bad I want the new gen.


Saturday 8th of January 2022

Nice job giving them free advertising. Really helpful for the supply. You get a kickback for the article?