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PS5 & Xbox Series X Gamers Celebrate Getting Their Consoles For Christmas 2021

Christmas is here, and gamers are excited to celebrate and share their happiness after finally getting their PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

PS5 and Xbox Series X suffered from scarcity all through 2021. Unfortunately, many gamers had to wait for a whole year to get their current-gen console.

Sony and Microsoft did everything they could to expedite as many units as possible from their production lines. Thanks to this cooperation between manufacturers and retailers, restocks remained strong despite supply issues.

Many did not have luck throughout the year but finally celebrated getting their PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles this 2021 Christmas.


Gamers React After Receiving Their PS5 & Xbox Series X Consoles – Christmas 2021

Hundreds of gamers received their brand new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles as a gift this holiday. This event ensured many celebration videos and pictures!

After a long wait, nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping a big box under your tree to find the console you waited for all this year.

Let us start with a mom who knew their kid and gave them the gift they wanted, not socks for Christmas.

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Other little gamers know that the best way to celebrate getting their PS5 this Christmas is with the perfect catchphrase!

For context, this PlayStation fan quoted Stacey King, a Chicago Bulls analyst famous for this catchy phrase.

Nothing better than a display of happiness and creativity mixed all together!

PS5 and Xbox Series X Xmas 2021 Reactions

Moving forward, we have a happy gamer celebrating getting a Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console. This console is in such high demand that Microsoft Store sent email invites to purchase this console.

This gamer had already given up on getting a console for Christmas. Fortunately, the love of his life had other plans.

Undoubtedly, nothing beats a good Xbox Series X and a love story this 2021 Christmas.

Furthermore, some things are simply meant to be. This gamer was at the perfect place at the right time and got an Xbox Series X this Christmas eve.

We have seen outstanding unboxing reactions for Christmas before. But this gamer earns the prize of best PS5 Christmas 2021 reaction!

The reaction is more than fitting, though, considering PS5 consoles are so scarce they sold for ridiculous prices on eBay this Christmas.

You know Christmas was a success after watching all these happy faces with an Xbox Series S!

Moreover, some gamers are rendered speechless after tearing open their presents and looking at that PS5 logo on the box.

This young gamer was so thrilled that tears were the best and most fitting reaction.

The celebration continued on and on as more gamers opened their presents.

To end with a humorous note, some gamers know consoles are not for them from an early age.

If you were not able to get your console yet, do not worry, things are progressively getting better.

For instance, Amazon UK recently had an Xbox Series X restock that lasted hours.

As well, Walmart fulfilled many PS5 orders and even delivered earlier than expected.

Restocks are not going away any time soon, but certainly the odds of getting a console grow higher each day.

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Monday 27th of December 2021

I got 1 this Xmas I was so happy being a teen

Juan Rivera

Sunday 26th of December 2021

Man finding playstation 5 and Xbox series x is hard to find these days I still haven't found one yet