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PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch Masterminds Coming Together at Game Awards

Three former PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo executives will meet at the New York Game Awards to discuss the industry.

Reggie Fils-Aime, the former president of Nintendo America, will be meeting up with former Xbox and Sony executives Robbie Bach and Jack Tretton for an interview about the industry.

The interview will take place at the New York Game Awards 2021 today at 3:30 PM PT - 6:30 PM ET. It will be streamed live on Twitch and may offer some fascinating insights into gaming's past, present, and future.

All three men have been involved in gaming at the highest level. They have worked against each other as rivals for years.

So seeing them share their stories without the pressure of competition could yield some fantastic stories. Reggie himself teased fans on Twitter yesterday; suggesting that there may still be some friendly rivalry between the three former gaming bosses.

We hope there is!  But at the same, we hope this pathes the way to more collaboration between the PS5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Is Future PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Collaboration Possible?

We’re also living in an era when collaboration between Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft is more likely than before. All three companies stood together recently to combat online bullying and have discussed other collaborative ideas in recent months.

For example, Microsoft would be open to bringing Xbox Game Pass to PS5 or Nintendo Switch. All three industry giants have also proposed other streaming, game sharing, and cross-play options.

While all three men no longer work for their previous companies, they could reveal valuable information and valuable perspectives.

We are legitimately excited to see all three of them in one room. And to learn what they really think about each other and other consoles.

We also hope the comradery between Fils-Aime, Bach and Tretton will encourage gamers to dial down on the tribalism and gatekeeping. Something that currently plagues the industry.

It’s possible to be a fan of Xbox, PS5, and the Nintendo Switch at the same time. – There’s no rule that states we can only support/enjoy one.

This isn’t the only good news today, new PS5 consoles have arrived in stock at this retailer. And the war on scalpers may finally be coming to an end thanks to new Xbox, PS5 stock.

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