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PS5 Won’t Support 1440p At Launch – Might in The Future

The PS5 won’t support 1440p when it releases tomorrow in some regions and on the 12th in others. However, Sony has said they may consider it in the future.

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will play games and other media in glorious 4K from launch day (which for some is less than 24 hours away). For those who are still using HD TVs and have not managed to upgrade to 4K yet, the PS5 will also support 1080p.

This is good news for lots of future PS5 owners. It means those who own a 4K TV can jump right in. And those who have older TVs can still enjoy their new console in HD.

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But there is a small and highly vocal group of customers who exist in the space between HD and 4K. Those using 1140p monitors have been left out in the cold as Sony confirms that at launch; the PS5 won’t support 1140p.

What Is 1140p?

1440p falls into the category of ‘Ultra HD,’ although this term is also often used to describe anything over 1080p, including 4K and 8K. Essentially, it is a higher pixel count than standard HD (i.e. 720p and 1080p) but one that has not yet reached the lofty heights of 4K.

While 1140p works on some modern TVs, many 4K TVs render in 2160p or above. Meaning there’s not much call for 1140p in an increasingly 4K world.

However, some gamers choose to play their consoles on PC monitors instead to take advantage of their rapid refresh options. Monitors tend to do this better than TVs, but modern 4K TVs are catching up.

Sony gifts fan PS5

Before 4K became the standard, such gamers enjoyed a higher than average resolution by using these monitors. Now, however, these gamers will be forced to either upgrade again or settle for 1080p – knowing their console and monitor are both capable of more.

We can see why they are frustrated. In many ways, using the PS5 will be a backstep for them. They bought their monitor to use 1140p, but now have to use 1080p instead on a more powerful console.

Those who have a monitor or a TV capable of 4K won’t be affected by this problem. Their monitors will now just upgrade the 1440p resolution to something higher.

But those who’s monitors cap at 1440p will have no such luck. Although they still will be able to take advantage of the PS5’s ability to render 120fps, so they’ll make visual gains in other areas.

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What Have Sony Said About 1440p?

Sony has candidly explained this decision is to prioritize the majority of gamers over the minority. They know that many gamers will be upgrading to a new 4K TV/monitor to enjoy the PS5. Or they’ll stick with their HD TV until the day they decide to upgrade to 4K.

With this in mind, Sony has chosen to primarily cater to these two groups. The ones using HD or 4K, rather than those somewhere in the middle. Their logic is most gamers will fall into these two camps.

It seems likely that Sony has underestimated the amount of 1440p gamers there are out there. They also may now make an effort to support them.

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Sony representative Masayasu Ito confirmed that “no technical problem at all” and the PS5 is perfectly capable of rendering at 1440p. They just didn’t think it was a priority, so they didn’t include the function.

In an interview with AV Watch, Ito said, "Currently the PS5 doesn't support 1440p in accordance with Nishino-san's thinking that they 'want to prioritize support for TVs.'"

He also didn’t rule out Sony updating the PS5 at some point in the future to accommodate 1440p users. Going on to state that Sony will continue to monitor the situation and decide after the PS5 launches.

If you’re excited about the PS5 launch, then check out these unboxing videos to get more hyped. In an unexpected move, Sony are also celebrating the launch of the competitor’s console the Xbox Series X.

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