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PS5 Will Feature Rewind Mechanic, Save Feature, and Potential Trophy Support for PS1 Classics

PS1 Classics have started appearing on PSN allowing players to test them out on PS5! Thankfully, some highly requested features will be launching alongside them!

PlayStation recently unveiled its very own subscription tier system featuring Playstation, Plus Essential, Playstation Plus Extra, and Playstation Plus Premium.

This system will allow players to upgrade their PlayStation Plus and receive access to some of PlayStation’s greatest games. Including some of the classic games from the PS1, PS2, and PS3 eras.

Now, we’ve finally gotten our first glimpse of what we can expect from the PS1 Classics and how they will run on PS5.

Here’s everything we know.

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PlayStation Plus Extra & Premium

PlayStation Plus Premium: What to Expect from PSOne Classics

Playing PSOne Classics on PS5 will allow players to use a rewind mechanic or save on command, and specific titles will launch with trophy support.

YouTuber Mystic found this information after he was able to purchase a PSOne classic from the Malaysian PSN Store.

The upcoming Playstation Plus Premium tier will include many PS1 Classics and other PSP, PS2, and even PS3 games playable on the PS5. PlayStation Plus Premium is the most robust offering that PlayStation Plus will have following the release of its multiple tiers.

Those who have played PSOne games on the PS4 may already be familiar with the rewind and save feature. The rewind feature will allow players to rewind at any moment in the game. While the save feature will enable players to save at any point in time.

A few other features include multiple aspect ratios and three different Visual Presents, including Default, Retro Classic, and Modern.

There is also confirmation that trophies will be an optional mechanic. So some developers may opt to include trophies while others will not. And if you’re looking to play on PS4, all these features will remain the same and function just as well.

If you’re still unsure which tier to choose, you can use our complete breakdown of each tier to help you decide!

You’ll need to decide soon. PlayStation Plus tiers are releasing early next month!

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