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PS5 vs. Xbox Series X – Which One Does 4K Better?

A YouTuber specializing in tech breakdowns just compared the PS5 and the Xbox Series X 4K movie players. Who came out on top?

Ever since the PS2 burst onto the scene with one of the world’s first (and cheapest) DVD players, consoles have been more than just gaming devices.

Today consoles are full home entertainment systems, doubling up as movie and TV streaming devices. As well as still being used as DVD and Blu-Ray players.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X are no different in this regard, each offering a Blu-Ray player with more 4K potential than their predecessors. The question is, who does it better?

YouTuber HDTVTest recently aimed to find out by comparing the quality of 4K playback on both devices.

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PS5 vs. Xbox Series X 4K Playback

The host (Teoh) found that 4K playback on the PS5 was superior to the Xbox Series X. The Xbox tones were slightly darker, causing it to lose some minor detail overall.

Yet he admitted that the change here was so subtle that only experts would really notice. What was more worrying was that the Xbox Series X skipped a few frames on occasion.

This was when watching in ‘true 24fps’ mode, which is the optimum performance when watching Blu-Rays on each console.

Again, it’s a tiny complaint, but it does demonstrate that the PS5 is superior when it comes to watching movies. Although only marginally.

Both consoles still offer an improvement over the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro; those who have a 4K TV will really be able to notice this when watching Blu-Rays – watching movies at home has never looked so good thanks to this new generation of consoles.

Xbox Series X could have done with a win over PS5 if we’re being honest. The PS5’s DualSense controller has also beaten the new Xbox controller in reviews.

So much so that Microsoft has asked Xbox owners what DualSense features an updated Series X/S controller should have.

PS5 and Xbox Series X stock is still low, although things are slowly improving. Amazingly scalpers, who have caused so much of the recent misery, have tried to defend their bad reputation.

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