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PS5 Uses Much Less Energy Than PS4 Pro

As game consoles become more powerful machines, they could easily eat more energy. Something that’s ultimately bad for sustainability and our wallets! But it appears that Sony has taken a different approach when designing the PS5.

The world is becoming much more alert and conscious of environmental concerns and sustainability. Gamers too are becoming a much greener community, and manufacturers will be aware of this.  

As games consoles have become absolute powerhouses, it’s easy to assume that they will require more and more energy to function at the optimal standard. However, Sony has designed the PS5 with sustainability in mind.

While the PS5 will be much more powerful than the PS4 Pro, it will use much less energy. Something that will pleasantly surprise gamers that are concerned about the impact next-gen consoles would have on their carbon footprint.

But thanks to a report from Eurogamer, we now know the numbers. And it's good news for our energy bill and the planet we live on.

The PS5 Energy Usage Difference

When in Rest Mode the PS5 will use as little as 1.3W, even when it’s still functioning, downloading updates and loading on stand-by. This PS4 Pro, by comparison, runs at 5W.

The difference of 3.7W may not sound like much, but it actually is. Especially for a console that spends most of its time in Rest Mode like the average PS4 does.

Although it uses much more power when downloading a game in rest mode, which is normal. But it still uses less power than the PS4 Pro.

The PS5 uses 36W when downloading a game in rest mode, which depending on the size of the game, will dictate how much power gets consumed. A game that takes two hours to download will use more power than one that takes ten minutes.

PS4 Pro used around 50W to do this, so once again, the energy savings are favorable by comparison. When turned on, the PS5 will use 47W, while the PS4 Pro used 63W.

Eurogamer’s report confirmed that different games will use varying amounts of power. For example, Shadow of the Tomb Raider will use 147W on PS4 Pro to 107W on PS5.

This is absolutely a step in the right direction for sustainability and the environment. Sony’s efforts are commendable, they've managed to make a much more powerful console, but one that’s far more efficient than their last one.  



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