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PS5 Update Finally Makes Cross-Gen Games Simple

The cross-gen confusion is finally over for PS5 players, thanks to a simple update.

Different versions of a cross-gen game on PS5 have confused players since the console’s launch.

Players have been asking for a feature like this since the console’s launch. Finally, this simple update has fixed the issue completely.

It’s not the worst problem to have. Many players are still struggling to even buy a PS5. Here’s how to get a PS5 before Christmas.

Sony PS5

What’s the PS5’s Cross-Gen Problem?

With games like Spider-man: Miles Morales, PS5 players would download two versions of the game. One would be the PS4 version and the other the PS5 update.

This could be very confusing for players as to which version of the game to launch. There would be very little players could find to tell the version was the updated one.


Players would usually assume that the more detailed PS5 version of the game would take up more memory. This isn’t always the case though, as the PS5’s SSD optimises storage space much better than the PS4’s HDD.

Before, the only way of telling which version of a cross-gen game you were playing on PS5 was to check below the game’s icon. This is where the game’s name is displayed.

A PS4 version of a game would have PS4 written next to the title. Rather confusingly, the PS5 version of a game has nothing written there.

What Does This Simple Update Do?

The new PS5 update has now introduced a pop-up message saying that players are launching a PS4 version of a game they own the PS5 version of.

This should remove all of the confusion regarding which version of a game players launch. Players can now be certain that they are playing the upgraded PS5 version of a cross-gen game.

Next-gen upgrades for PS4 games are now easier than ever.

It’ll also save players loads of time. No more sifting through menus or comparing different versions of the same game to find out which one is the PS5 version.

There have been a number of other problems with the PS5 too. Players have already reported this fatal flaw with the new Dualsense 5 controller.

If all of these cross-gen updates are taking up all of your system storage, worry no more. Here’s a simple way to free up storage on your PS5.

If you haven’t got a PS5 yet, Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ huge graphical upgrade might just convince you to pick one up.

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