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PS5 Total Sales, PS Plus Subscribers, Active Users & More Revealed

Sony just had its latest Q1 earnings report and we’ve got some new stats about PlayStation, including PS5 Total Sales, PS Plus subscribers, total active users & more!

It’s been a huge few months for PlayStation, and Sony is certainly rolling in success after November’s launch of the PS5. In a recent earnings report, the company reveals just how well the gaming industry has been doing in the last quarter.

It should be no surprise to hear that PlayStation is killing it on all fronts. After all, we just saw the reveal that the PS5 is now the fastest-selling console of all time.

What’s more, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on a PS5, even coming up to 9 months from its initial release date. That said, it appears that Walmart has some PS5 consoles in stock for in-store purchases now!

Sony Q1 Earnings Report Reveals Huge Numbers

In a new Q1 2021 earnings report by Sony, we see the reveal of some huge new PlayStation statistics.

PS5 Total Sales vs Xbox Series X/S

ps5 xbox series x
(Source: Microsoft/Sony)

In the new statistics, Sony reveals that the PlayStation 5 has now shipped over 10.1 million units since launch. 2.3 million of those sales were made in the last quarter (since March 2021).

As a contrast, analyst Daniel Ahmad estimates that the Xbox Series X/S is sitting at around 6.5 million sales as of June 30. As expected, PlayStation is ahead in sales this generation, and it’s becoming easier to get your hands on an Xbox Series X/S already.

Best-Selling PlayStation Games

In a series of new statistics, Sony reveals the total sales figures for a number of iconic PlayStation titles. From the list, we can see that Ghost of Tsushima has shipped an incredible 6.5 million sales, as of March 2021.

This will likely only increase dramatically with the release of Ghost of Tsushima’s expansion and Director’s Cut.

Ghost Of Tsushima Iki Island Jin
(Source: Sucker Punch Productions)

Meanwhile, it looks as though Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was already reaching sales of over 1.1 million units after just a month on the market. PS5 exclusive Returnal, on the other hand, only sold around 560,000 units.

However, this didn’t stop Sony from acquiring developer Housemarque games in a recent announcement.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is currently sitting at around 6.5 million sales across both PS4 and PS5. There’s definitely a great deal of hype surrounding the upcoming title’s sequel.

And we already have a big new leak about the Symbiote and Spider-Man 2!

Interestingly, 6.3 million games were sold in the last quarter, 71% of which were digital. On top of that, 10.5 million of the games were from First Party developers.

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PlayStation Plus Total Subscribers

Sony’s subscription service PlayStation Plus is still hitting highs too, with 46.3 million subscribers now paying the monthly fee. Not only does PlayStation Plus nab you a few free games each month, but it also allows players to head into online multiplayer.

Free PS Plus Games
(Source: Sony)

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In total though, PlayStation has 104 million monthly active users, suggesting that most gamers do not pay for the service.

Perhaps these numbers will get a boost even further after PlayStation’s massive event in September 2021. We’ve been waiting for some time for the company’s Summer showcase and it looks as though it’s finally almost here.

And don’t forget, if you’re a PS5 owner, you can claim 6 months of Apple TV+ for free!

Still looking for your next-gen console? Here are all the PS5 restocks set to drop this week – August 2-8!

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