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PS5 Stock Update in 2021 But Many Retailers Have Had None in Months

The PS5 is one of the trickiest items to come by right now, and it’s not going to suddenly get easier in the New Year. Here’s what we know about PS5 stock in 2021.

Those still looking to find their PS5 this year will have quite the struggle on their hands. However, 2021 looks to be a safer bet.

Despite the PlayStation 5 stock levels getting off to a rocky start, 2021 will be the year where stock finally starts to meet demand. With a number of retailers having not had any consoles in months, surely a restock is on the way?

PlayStation 5 2021
(Source: Sony)

UK retailers such as Argos, ASDA, and Smyths Toys have gone as far as to confirm that no more PS5s will be gracing their shelves until 2021. But what do we know about the incoming supply?

How to Buy a PS5 in 2021

Despite Sony’s claim that more PS5s are coming later this year, it’s been hard to get hold of a PlayStation before Christmas. We’re not holding out hope for a late December restock either.

But those looking to buy a PS5 in 2021 are going to have an easier time of things. Not only will Sony continue to produce the next-gen console at full-speed, but PS5 scalpers are already desperately trying to shift their stock.

PS5 restock 2021
(Source: Sony)

After all, thousands of PS5 consoles went to scalpers, who made millions of dollars this Christmas period. Now that the rush is over, you can find price gougers on every Twitter thread even mentioning the PS5, and it’s clear that nobody is buying.

When is the PlayStation 5 Getting a Restock?

Right now, no official restock dates have been released, although gamers should keep their ears to the ground. To help with this, we’ve set up several PS5 restock trackers to help you monitor the latest stock levels.

PS5 Stock Tracker USA – Updates, Restocks and Alerts
PS5 Stock Tracker UK – Updates, Restocks and Alerts

You can also use this new trick to beat PS5 scalpers and find your next-gen console quickly.

Lastly, follow PS5 Stocks & Drops on Twitter for all the latest info on a PS5 2021 restock.

Will There Be More PS5s in Europe 2021?

According to new rumors, Europe could have an easier way of getting PS5 consoles in 2021. In fact, reports suggest that new PlayStation Direct stores will launch in the continent, giving many gamers more access to a next-gen console.

Although some areas of Europe have struggled for PS5 stock thus far, especially when compared to areas like America, this could all be about to change. A new job listing, first caught by VGC, suggests that PlayStation Direct is coming to Europe.

PS5 Europe
(Source: Sony)

If this new branch is established, European gamers will have a new source of consoles to purchase. PlayStation Direct tends to trickle out devices in semi-regular drops, steadily helping get its supply to fans.

PS5 UK 2021 Restock

Rumors of a January 7 restock for UK buyers are floating around right now. Both BT and EE are rumored to be getting new consoles for customers on their networks.

However, this restock isn’t likely exclusive to the network providers. Stay tuned for further details on the PS5 2021 stock as we are quick to report the latest news and rumors.

Right now, fans are getting revenge on PS5 scalpers in the best way possible – by wasting their time. Thankfully, even these bot-users weren’t able to stop every gamer from getting their next-gen device this year.

And in the sweetest videos to come out of 2020, we can see the heartwarming reactions of many gamers opening their PS5 this Christmas. We just hope PS5 retailers can get it together in 2021.

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