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PS5 Stock Appearing at Target Soon, Employee Leaks Suggest

New PS5 stock is arriving in Target stores, and it’s likely to be dropping very soon.

If you’re in need of a next-gen console, Target may soon have you covered. The major retailer has a lot of PS5 consoles arriving in locations everywhere.

Thanks to a leak from a Target employee, we’re being let in on the secret early. Right now, a lot of PS5 drops are taking place with no warning, leading to many disappointed fans.

ps5 stock
(Source: Sony)

This time around, we know that there’s a drop on its way, which lets us prepare ourselves for the incoming restock. And, in case you missed it, there’s another PS5 restock going live tomorrow!

Target PS5 Restock – February 2021

According to a new post by a Target employee, stores are already getting their PS5 restocks, ahead of the next launch.

Although the user doesn’t reveal their location for privacy reasons, they confirm their local store has 20 PS5s in stock already. The user also shows off their neighboring stores, most of which have a significant number of consoles up for grabs.

The PS5 stock isn’t live right now, but it shows that Target is preparing for another drop very soon.

Be sure to check our PS5 Stock Trackers for up-to-date information about the latest drops as they go live!

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The moment those Target PS5s go live, we’ll be able to let you know on the links above.

It’s certainly not the most price-conscious way of getting a console, but there’s also a solid gold PS5 available to buy.

We imagine that’s one deal that the scalpers won’t be quick to snatch up. As it stands, one industry insider believes he has a solution to the PS5 scalping problem.

However, there’s a new way to make sure you beat PS5 scalpers to your next-gen console.

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