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PS5 Stock Stealthily Put Live at Amazon and Best Buy

A significant amount of PS5 stock is sneakily making its way to certain retailers without warning.

The struggle to get a hold of a next-gen console is real and incredibly frustrating for shoppers at the moment.

Stock is selling out in seconds thanks to scalpers and shoppers eager to get hold of a PS5 are struggling.

Shoppers have been caught by surprise after both Amazon and Best Buy have dropped PS5 stock without any prior announcement.

Interestingly, next-gen console stock appears to be becoming more readily available, however, sadly it is still proving a monumental task for most shoppers.

Amazon US PS5 stock

Amazon US was amongst one retailer to drop PS5 stock unexpectedly today. Sony’s next-generation console has proven difficult to find and trying to get around scalpers is another issue entirely.

Whilst many shoppers are relying on Twitter to relay stock updates, sometimes retailers can restock without warning and surprise shoppers.

For the best chance of nabbing a next-gen console, you can use our US PS5 Stock Tracker. This will show you exactly which retailers currently have next-gen console stock.

PS5 Restock
Playstation 5

The Playstation 5 console was in stock today in a very surprising move from Amazon.

Unfortunately, the console very quickly sold out within a couple of minutes. This appears to be the case for most retailers too.

Right now, it seems the best way to acquire a PS5 is to try and get lucky with keeping an eye on multiple retailers.

Best Buy PS5 Restock

It appears that Best Buy might also be a retailer shoppers will want to keep an eye on.

Best Buy joined Amazon today in a surprise restock of the Playstation 5. It comes as no surprise that Best Buy, like Amazon, also sold out in minutes.

Although more stock became available at around 9:30 AM PT too, this also sold out very quickly.

You can take a look here at exactly how quickly PS5’s have been selling out once they are back in stock.

PS5 Console Restock
PS5 Console Restock

Sadly, stock issues seem to be a problem wherever you are in the world. In the UK one scalper group boasted about securing over 2000 PS5’s from certain retailers.

Best Buy, amongst other retailers, could have more stock coming in the near future.

It’s definitely worth checking retailers’ websites when you can, on the off-chance you might stumble across a new console.

It appears that this has happened multiple times, with Amazon US seemingly restocking the PS5 with no announcement whatsoever.

Keep your eyes peeled for any new PS5 stock at both Amazon US and Best Buy, you could be in luck.

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