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PS5 Stock Shortage Could End as Sony Secures Chips – August 2021

The PS5 stock shortage could finally be coming to an end as Sony announces it has secured vital PS5 components.

PS5s have been extremely hard to buy ever since the console launched all the way back in November 2020. Not only has the demand for Sony’s next-gen system been extremely high, but the supply has also been low.

This is due to an extreme shortage in chips, an integral component for any games console. However, new information from Sony indicates that they have secured plenty of PS5 chips now.

But before you find out the details about the PS5 stock shortage possibly ending, check out all of the PS5 restocks happening this week.


More PS5 Consoles Going Into Production in 2021 – Will The Stock Shortage End?

We previously reported that the production of PS5 consoles would ramp up as the year went on. Now, new information from Sony backs this up.

Sony’s quarterly conference call revealed loads of interesting information to PlayStation fans, including the number of PS5s sold so far and the total PS Plus subscriber count. However, one overlooked part of the conference was Sony’s new claim about securing millions of chips for PS5 consoles.

In the conference call, chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki claimed that Sony has secured enough chipsets to hit the target for PS5 sales this financial year. This will go a long way to alleviating the PS5 stock shortage.

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As the sales target is 14.8 million by April 2022, this means that Sony has secured at least that many chips. Therefore, PlayStation fans can expect at least that many PS5s to go on sale before that time.

While this does not mean a total end of the PS5 stock shortage, it does mean that the consoles will gradually become easier to buy.

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Meanwhile, a leaker has revealed loads of new PSVR 2 details. This could make PS5 the go-to platform for VR games.

Also, rumors suggest that there will be a huge PlayStation event in September. Sony could announce some huge PS5 exclusive games here!

Finally, if you’re looking for a PS5, check out our Stock Trackers for lightning-fast updates:

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Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

Supply isn't low, stop pushing this false narrative. Even this site's own reports say Sony is making and selling PS5 in record numbers.

Demand is just WAY higher than supply, plain and simple.